Latest Game Announced By BattleBlock Theater Developer

The Behemoth (game developer, not biblical sasquatch) has found success in the quirkiest quadrants of gaming. With games like Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, and Battleblock Theater, the silly-fun genre has had its share of giggles and smiles — in and out of frantic multiplayer madness. And that’s where “Game 4” comes in: the company’s latest title-pending project that looks, well, strange.

According to The Behemoth’s blog update, they’ve been working on Game 4 since before the release of Battleblock Theater. The company wanted to tackle something different; something new, and as such has been spending the last year polishing and scrubbing things in preparation.

Check out teaser trailer below, and as per request of The Behemoth, try guessing the genre.