Promising Platformer Super III’s Kickstarter Launches Today

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a three-eyed alien with the capacity to defy space-time, you’re in luck. SUPER 91’s “Super III” features just that: the eponymous III can blink from his current point to the next solid surface, even screen-wrapping to overcome obstacles.

Developed in Game Maker: Studio, the game looks extremely promising. Climbing puzzle-platformer action awaits intrepid explorers who dare to join III in his mission to rescue survivors of a hellish war, outsmarting imposing bosses and dangerous traps alike.

The bomb soundtrack, sounding like something between the Tron film and Super Metroid soundtrack, is composed by Joel Corelitz, known for his grade-A work on Hohokum and The Unfinished Swan, is worth checking out in and of itself, with two pieces teased on the Kickstarter page.

Early birds will be able to snag release copies for $12 and beta access for $32. Definitely something to check out for anyone with a platformer itch in need of being scratched.