Rumor: PuyoPuyo Tetris Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Japan Later This Year

GamesTalk is reporting that an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of the Japanese Vita and 3DS Game PuyoPop Tetris is due later this year. The site specifically mentions a December 4 release date and a 5,18 yen price tag. This may seem a bit steep since that’s around $50, but you get all of the DLC and can play with up to four players, or just face the PCU. Our own Steve Hannley loved the game when it first hit the region-free 3DS and the idea of having that game on a console would be very appealing to many in North America. Due to the rights of Tetris and PuyoPuyo being held by different companies in North America than in Japan, this release is unlikely to make it over even in digital form, but hopefully, that changes as the modern-era of consoles would greatly benefit from some top-notch puzzle games.