Adventures of Pip Returns to Kickstarter

Although we often hear stories of great success on Kickstarter, there are also always exciting projects that fail. Adventures of Pip hit the crowdfunding site earlier this year but couldn’t quite make their goal. Now TicToc Games are back to give their 2D platformer another chance to shine.

At first glance Adventures of Pip seems like every other pixel art sidescroller out there. However,¬†looking at the quick you’ll quickly realize there’s more to Pip than that. This is because the game actually utilizes its pixel design as a gameplay component. Protagonist Pip begins as one pixel and upgrades for 8, 16, and 32-bit forms. Each evolution of Pip grants him¬†different skills to change up gameplay.

If you hurry there’s still room in the $10 limited tier to secure a downloadable copy of Adventures of Pip. Otherwise, it’ll cost $15 for the game on PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) or Wii U. The Adventures of Pip Kickstarter campaign ends on October 4 and will be successful if it raises $40,000.