Devolver Digital Announces ‘A Fistful of Gun’

Devolver Digital has announced A Fistful of Gun, a top-down wild west shooter for PC next spring.

A Fistful of Gun was originally released in 2012 and developed by FarmerGnome as a freeware project. For its release under Devolver the game is being expanded upon significantly.

There will be 11 playable characters and the premise of the game is that an evil railroad tycoon named Clayton Boon has built a railroad track straight to Hell and you are fighting your way across the west to hunt him down. The game will also have 9-player local and online co-op modes along with a versus, story and arcade mode.

Fork Parker, Devolver CEO,  has already hailed it as “…easily the second best western game ever made” only behind Red Dead Redemption.

If you want to go ahead and try out A Fistful of Gun you can download it from Gamejolt here.