New Video Shows Just How Bouncy Sunset Overdrive’s Bouncies Are

Insomniac Games knows that its upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive is unlike anything else coming out this year. From its colorful aesthetic to its bizarre weapons, Sunset Overdrive is going to be…something. The latest video in Insomniac’s highly informative and highly strange Sunset TV series sheds some light on the already infamous traversal mechanics. One of Sunset Overdrive‘s biggest goals is to stray away from the standard cover mechanics that permeate the third-person shooter genre, and boy oh boy has it gone the other way:

From massive aerial slams to bouncing off of every seemingly bouncy object in the environment using the power of gravity it’s clear that movement is going to be the most important part of Sunset Overdrive other than our good friend Fizzie. Every second of gameplay shows that mastering traversal will be essential if one wants to get everything possible out of Insomniac’s most Insomniac game to date.