Power-Up And Prepare For Action: Engauge’s Kickstarter Shows Stylish Robo-Platforming Promise

Who hasn’t wanted to smash through baddies as the Iron Giant? Toastie Republic’s upcoming 2D action-platformer Engauge lets you do just that. Backed by a driving, techy beat, the trailer shows a sweet mechanical construct bashing baddies and dodging pitfalls with┬ámechanical ease.


As X1S, a hulking robot reminiscent of the aforementioned children’s movie hero, you’ll roam across a beautifully detailed world with environments ranging from Rayman-esque forests to futuristic cities straight out of the Jetsons.

Progression through the game will net the player additional Cores, which unlock new mechanics for the player-character – charging through opponents, grappling onto the environment and more. Combat and platforming seem intense and punishing, requiring precision reflexes to avoid an untimely relegation to the junk heap.
Indie developers Toastie Republic have poured a lot of love into Engauge, and it shows. With 11 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, the project is just over halfway funded. A $10 contribution will net you a release copy of the game.