RetroN5 Back in Stock on ThinkGeek For $140

Hyperkin’s RetroN 5 console has been out of stock a lot since its launch. However, Think Geek has the console back in stock – with some caveats in place. You can’t use any current site promotions with this item, and you’re limited to two purchases per customer. At $140, there’s no discount here, but you don’t wind up paying more than retail on ebay one one. The system plays NES, Famicon, SNES, Super famicom, Genesis, Mega Drive, and Game Boy Advance games with its five total ports. It uses HDMI and allows for native 4:3 playback, or you can stretch things if you so desire. The build quality on Hyperkin’s stuff has been sketchy at best, and it would appear that it’s an issue with this system as well. As a result, if you’ve got the original hardware for these systems, you’re better off sticking with it. However, if you’re just getting into retro gaming and want to build a physical collection, this is a good way to play the games – and the original controllers are supported if you find those in the wild.