Ray’s the Dead Movie Adaptation Announced

Ray’s the Dead, a Kickstarter project by Ragtag Studio relaunched this week. So far, it has blown through 93% of its funding goal with 30 days to go. On the heels of this momentum it was announced that a movie adaptation is in the works.

Screenwriter Jack Reher approached the studio about making a film adaptation after discovering the unique game. The 80s setting mixed with a campy, fun tone hooked him because nothing else in the game market is quite like it. Reher’s latest film, Endangered, is set for release later this year.

Ragtag Studio’s announcement is not confirmation that a film will actually be made, of course. Being approached for an adaptation is just the first step in the very long movie-making process. If things do proceed then we’ll keep you up to date with future Ray’s the Dead movie updates.