Square Enix Back to School Sale Disappoints

It’s late August, which means that some are heading to school very soon and some are headed there in a couple of weeks. Square Enix is celebrating with a back to school sale on their online store. Now, since savings are involved, the term sale is definitely accurate, but this is far from an impressive sale. Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition is normally $20, but it can be yours for $16. Similarly, Chrono Cross is $15, but $12 here. PSP Final Fantasy games are out of stock with only a $2 discount, while Hitman: Absolution and the Hitman Trilogy are down to $16 from $20.

There’s a lot of good stuff here, but it can all be had for so much less elsewhere. It’s like this sale is taking place in a time warp where $16 for a PSP game is something people will readily do in late 2014. I’m not sure just who this sale is targeted towards because the prices aren’t low enough to really justify buying anything. $32 for the Tomb Raider reboot. Honest to God, do they expect anyone to bite at this price? It’s been free on PS+ and $5 on Steam and they want to charge $32 for it on sale? Unless you’ve got  money to burn, this is a sale pretty much anyone who isn’t looking for a physical copy of Chrono Cross can skip.