Zenzizenzic to be Published By Adult Swim Games, Expand Hugely

So what do you get a developer with two broken arms?  How about a nice publishing deal that not only lands the game on Steam but also allows it to be grown into a far bigger form?  Zenzizenzic cleared its Kickstarter target and even managed a stretch goal, but the twin-stick arena shooter had other ambitions that didn’t quite manage to get funded.  Adult Swim Games noticed the potential and decided they wanted a piece of that, however, and after a few negotiations they’re now the publisher for Zenzizenzic.

What this means for the future of the game is that, once developer Ruud Koorevaar recovers from a slight snowboarding mishap that left him with a fractured wrist on one arm and hairline fractured elbow on the other, Zenzizenzic is going to be both an excellent arena shooter (see the hands-on article backing up that judgement, or check out the demo yourself) and get an open-world semi-roguelike mode as well.  Zenzizenzic Macro tears the walls off the arena and lets you go exploring into a randomized world with secrets, hazardous environments, tons of enemies, shops, and other goodies.  It sounds great on paper, and the quality of Zenzizenzic in its current form is more than enough to make me feel optimistic about Macro’s potential.  This does mean that the game’s release is delayed to next year in order to bundle both games into one, as opposed to the initial plan to release the arena shooter first and the adventure/shooter later, but seeing as the end result is Macro getting a chance to actually exist it seems a fair trade-off.