Capybara Unveils the New Characters Joining Super Time Force Ultra on Steam

We previously reported that Super Time Force Ultra would be coming to Steam with 50 new Helladeck challenge levels and new secret characters to play as. At the time, Capybara was being all lame and only showing us the darkened outlines of the mystery characters, leaving us to wonder if STFU would be adding some brand new character to the roster that they didn’t want to show off quite yet or if Mr. Game and Watch had finally snapped. Turns out both guesses were wrong and the truth is actually pretty cool, especially for long time Valve fans. The new characters are pulled from either Team Fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead 2, 2 games 2 shoot-y to hold all their shooting to one game. Capybara details each of the characters on their website, and I have summarize them from you below:

Pyro – The dangerous man…er…woman? Er…person. The dangerous person from Team Fortress 2 comes decked out with a flare gun to roast enemies from afar and a flamethrower to toast them up close. A much better inclusion than the Sniper who would’ve only been played by newcomers to STFU and inevitably gotten immediately stabbed in the back by a Spy.

Saxton Hale  A brawler from Team Fortress 2 that will punch all his punches into his enemies’ punch boxes (a phrase that most non-punchers commonly refer to as the face). He also has incredibly well manicured chest chair and most likely uses antlers in all of his decorating.

Zoey – ZOEY? Ugh. Here are some facts about Zoey: 1) You never choose Zoey. She is always the last character left after all your jerk friends have already selected and 2) If the AI is playing as Zoey, she always startles the witch. Every. Damn. Time. Zoey has taken a break from her witch startling ways (seriously, Zoey) to join the cast of STFU. She has dual pistols to blast enemies into smaller, more dead pixels and can throw a propane tank for maximum explode-y goodness.

Regardless of the fact they chose the wrong survivor to include in the game, this is a pretty awesome bonus for people that haven’t played Super Time Force before. They show off all the characters in action over at, so go check it out to see some brief clips of shooting mayhem. The game has an August 25 release on Steam at a $14.99 price tag. Read our Xbox One review here and be sure to check back later in the week for our PC review.