Diablo III on PS4/Xbox One is Worth Celebrating

Oh Diablo III, how I’ve longed for thee.

Give me your loot, give it all to me.

Okay okay, I give up. I won’t poison your eyeballs and frontal lobe with fifth grade poetry any longer.

Thanks to over two years of completely forgetting its existence, I’ve been able to experience Diablo III for the first time over the past week. When the original PC version of Blizzard’s loot-gathering action-RPG came out in May 2012, I never jumped on board. I’ve always been more of a console gamer than a PC gamer, for better and for worse, so I figured I’d wait for the PS3/Xbox 360 version. We knew it was coming; news of Diablo III‘s console development came out months before the PC release. I figured I’d pick up the console release eventually, but everything changed on February 20th, 2013.

Not only was the PlayStation 4 announced on that fine February day, but it was confirmed that Diablo III would be hitting the Sony’s newest system. Sony’s focus on games absolutely sold me instantly; I have ninety-seven ways to play Netflix, so a console with a heavy gaming focus made me drool on the spot. This created a bit of a Diablo III dilemma, though. Do I play an uglier version sooner, or do I wait an unspecified amount of time for a superior product?

Spoiler alert: I chose option two and holy Batman in toe socks, I made the right decision.

I know all of the most important Diablo III tips and tricks thanks to my peers. I’m fully aware of how pointless the story is, so I choose to throw on some intensely appropriate demonic metal or episodes of the podcast I’m already on. Deckard Cain’s bland ramblings and Leah’s general nonsense are reduced to mere text thanks to the power of Music Unlimited. After absorbing the map-OCD of countless gamers, I simply cannot leave any black area unexplored. From tips about how to maximize the Witch Doctor’s potential (Buckeyeagon is a beast) to how to find the best loot, to understanding the merchant system: I’ve heard it all.

So cheers to all of us enjoying the mindless button-mashing and loot-gathering on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Whether intentionally or not, we made an excellent choice. We’re experiencing a phenomenal game in the best possible way. I can definitely celebrate to that.

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