Features For Tearaway Unfolded Detailed With a New Batch of Screenshots

It had previously been revealed that the PS4 adaptation of Tearaway, titled Tearaway Unfolded, would contain roughly 50% new content. We’re finally a bit closer to finding out what all that new content is as Media Molecule recently revealed a new batch of features that take advantage of the PS4 hardware. Most of these new tricks use the DualShock 4 controller in fairly clever ways, and with so many new features already revealed it is getting easy to believe the game really will feature half new content. The features unveiled so far include:

• Unleash powerful gusts of wind to unfold rippling bridges, or send enemies tumbling off cliffs, with a well-timed swipe of the touch pad.

• Use the power of wind to propel your messenger through the skies in their paper plane and explore the world from above.

• Catch objects your messenger throws to you as they fly out of the screen into your wireless controller, where you can hear them rattling around, before sending them hurtling back into hard-to-reach places, or towards your hapless enemies.

• Shine the wireless controller’s light bar into the TV to illuminate dark and gloomy places, growing and transforming the scenery as you do, and guiding your companion along their way.

• Push and release the touch pad button to squash drum skins and spring your messenger up into the air or across platforms.

If this little tease wasn’t enough, the announcement came complete with a slew of new screenshots from the game and to say the game looks amazing would actually be selling it short. The amazing aesthetic of the original looks like it was further improved even further and really takes advantage of the system’s hardware. The game is due out sometime next year, so for now you’ll have to just gaze in awe at all of the colors shown off below. I think there might even be some new ones in there, somehow.