Hyperdimension Neptunia U Trailer Shows Off Combat, Little Girl Butt

First off, we need to once again emphasize that despite the title this is in no way a Wii U game. Apparently the people at Tamsoft didn’t get the memo that every game Nintendo is releasing for the Wii U had the letter U tacked on to the end of it, because this game is a Vita exclusive. While they clearly didn’t spend very long on the name, they have been hard at work on the game itself as they just released a second gameplay trailer showing off the combat.

The trailer shows you playing as one of several young girls with appearances ranging from “probably too young” to “possibly still in diapers”, getting hit by monsters, and then scenes of half their clothes falling off. The camera zooms in on their panties to show off their butt, the girl falls back in some sort of compromising position, and then she bounces back up to dive into combat as if we didn’t just see footage that would get us arrested in six states.

I don’t even know how you can pitch this game at a meeting. “Alright see, so you play as a bunch of girls that look like they are around 12 or 13. They fight cute monsters and, now this part is key, as they get hit their clothes fall off. Also: butts. Just like, so many butts.”  The original title of this game was Hyperdimension Neptunia U Should Have A Seat Right Over There, but it wasn’t testing well to its target audience.

I will say this for the game: the combat looks awesome. The trailer shows off a little bit for a bunch of different characters and the actual fights look like something out of the Dynasty Warriors series but much better. Combat looks slick, the moves looks impressive, and the superb art of the fighting almost makes you forget for a second you are playing as a little girl in her underwear. Almost. No word yet on if this will be getting a release for Western audiences.