GaymerX Returns to Kickstarter as GX3: Everyone Games

GaymerX was a convention born out of crowdfunding and a passionate LGBTQ gaming audience. After two conventions it seemed that a third was simply impossible. That is, until an outpouring of monetary support appeared from various indie developers and publishers. At that point it seemed there was still hope for the much-needed event.

Today the Kickstarter campaign for GX3: Everyone Games went live. The name has been changed to show this is truly a convention for everyone, not just a subset of the LGBTQ community. As with previous years, GX3 will be hosted in San Francisco and have a variety of gaming sponsors. Some noted sponsors include Blizzard Entertainment, Devolver Digital, and Coffee Stain Studios.

So, how much money does GX3 require? The funding goal is set at $80,000. You can nab a ticket via the $60 and up tiers, as well as additional goods such as the upcoming game Read Only Memories or documentary Gaming in Color.