Mech-Heavy Platformer Engauge’s Mechanics Demo Added To Its Kickstarter

If you missed our earlier coverage of Engauge, the robo-platformer from indie devs Toastie Republic, here’s a summary: blue, downsized Iron Giant-lookalike robot protagonist X1S is on a mission to recover a series of lost articles through wonderfully detailed and diverse worlds. The game promises as many as seven different ability sets, each of which change the way you control X1s.

In the most recent update to the Kickstarter, Toastie Republic has added a pre-alpha demo of some gameplay and three of the unlockable ability sets.

We were able to sit down with it and were impressed with the games mechanics.  Lacking sound, music, and updated enemy graphics, it is still an enjoyable experience as X1S handles extremely well and is granted massive interactivity: players are able to grab and throw enemies as well as their projectiles, the platforming aspect of the game is bolstered by both a vault and a double jump, and X1S also has a sort of grapple ability.

Engauge is in its last week of funding, and over 80% of the way to its goal. Definitely check out the Kickstarter and demo, and consider having the theme on repeat during.