Part Lovecraftian Horror, Part Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare, Noct’s Kickstarter Has Launched

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a top-down shooter of any kind. Overwhelmingly underwhelming, the alienating camera and lack of character and enemy detail make it difficult to immerse oneself into the game’s world. This doesn’t seem to be the case with c3sk’s “Noct.”

Taking place after the reawakening of an evil older than history (Lovecraft fans, allow your theories to run wild) and the eradication of society and humankind as we know it, “Noct” casts the player as an unlucky survivor of the apocalypse.

Observed in grayscale from a thermal imaging satellite and accompanied by an intense, dark and ambient soundtrack, players and their controlled hero will engage in solo or multiplayer treks through the procedurally-generated hellscape.


The aim is to discover stashes of survivor logs and leftover Eldritch artifacts, to uncover the story behind the apocalypse and better understand the new world players find themselves in. Along the way, they’ll be privy to a wealth of weapons and items… as well as extradimensional terrors minds aren’t meant to comprehend.

Enemies come in three flavors: minion, your generic creepy- crawler, large primary, which appear to be localized bosses of sorts which hold dominion over the first group, and epic monsters. This last group includes massive, terrifying creatures and may require special strategies to overcome.

The official Kickstarter just launched. Alongside more detail on the game is an excerpt from the official soundtrack, whose quality cannot be understated. The piece “Unfortunate” from composer Worldclock reeks of solitude and desolation.

$10 CAD nets backers a DRM-free copy of “Noct” at its anticipated July 2015 launch, and $20 CAD or more adds on a digital version of the soundtrack. There’s even talk of a well-deserved vinyl release of the OST.