Quirky “24 Killers” Casts Players As A Framed Bag Of Bones, Is Nearly Halfway Funded!

In Todd Luke’s “24 Killers,” players embody a skeleton. Recently granted an island abode by an anonymous benefactor, things start to fall apart after your arrival. You guessed it: popular opinion is that you’re the cause.

A quirky life sim where you must uncover the identities of restless spirits who have taken to possessing new inhabitants each day in their unending quest for peace.

An extension of Luke’s flash game of the same name, originally created to explore the limits of the roguelike genre, the new version sports a unique art style and bizarre, multifaceted cast of characters. Rife with minigames, Easter eggs and tons of hidden elements, “24 Killers” is an ambitious solo project.

Already over halfway funded, the Kickstarter just launched yesterday. Check it out – contributions of $10 or more net you a release copy, expected to drop in June 2015.