Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit Ends In Explosive Fashion, Winner Prepares For Grand Finals in D.C.

Red Bull’s high-energy tournament came to an explosive conclusion on Sunday. At the day’s start, only eight competitors remained – only two of which did not hail from the Mecca of StarCraft, South Korea. Snute and Petraeus, two Zergs representing Norway and New Zealand, respectively, were up against viOLet, Polt, TaeJa , San, StarDust and HyuN for the title of Detroit’s first StarCraft II champion, $8,000 and a ticket to the Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Finals in D.C. next month.

The Round of 8 was a nail-biting affair in and of itself, with three of the four best-of-three matches entering the third and final games. Petraeus had won his ticket to the Battle Grounds: Detroit through a tournament sponsored by caster Nathanias, and was pitted against TaeJa in David and Goliath fashion. When the dust settled, the two foreign hopes were eliminated, and the semifinals were StarDust versus TaeJa, and viOLet versus Polt.

Polt and viOLet, roommates in Atlanta along with caster Axeltoss, clashed magnificently, with the Terran Polt overcoming his friend and opponent 3-1. In similar fashion, Terran TaeJa 3-1’d the Protoss StarDust. Would TaeJa continue his momentum and take another victory this summer, or would Polt, the player-maker, always the bridesmaid and never the bride take the cup?

It turns out that Polt would come out the victor, winning the best-of-five decisively: three to nothing, with the last two games ending incredibly quickly. Polt was beaming after his victory, thanking his supporters for believing in him.

Polt now joins Bomber and Cure as the Terran representatives in the Grand Finals, alongside Zergs Scarlett and DongRaeGu and Protosses PartinG, sOs and Trap. Scarlett is the only non-Korean in the group. Will Polt come out on top? The climactic tournament begins September 20th.