Super Smash Bros. Characters Get Leaked, Videos Appear as Proof [Updated]

So, we’re surprised it took Nintendo’s biggest game this long to get a roster leak. While folks have hypthesized as to which characters would and would not ultimately make the cut, we haven’t had any kind of hard evidence to support our claims. And while the Big N hasn’t reported on this officially yet, labeling it as merely speculation as of now, the videos below seem pretty conclusive in terms of showcasing photographic proof of the fighters that folks were wondering about.


Unfortunately, Nintendo has pulled all of the videos from YouTube — which really just further cements this as more than a mere rumor. But, we’ve gone ahead and posted another video that compiles all five previous leaked videos, using an alternate link. If that footage were to come down at some point as well, then we’ll just spoil the fun for you now. You can count on seeing Shulk, Dark Pit, Bowser Jr. and Ganondorf in the final product.