Super Time Force Ultra Released on Steam

Super Time Force Ultra brings the Xbox One and Xbox 360 hit onto PC with some new bells and whistles. The default game gives you three more characters in the form of Pyro, Saxton Hale, and Zoey from both Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. The price remains the same, at $15, while a version with a soundtrack will cost you just $5 more. However, from the game’s launch on August 25 until September 1, both versions are 10% off.

This savings takes the base game down to $13.49, while the version with a soundtrack is $17.99. We covered the original Xbox One release in May, and our own Matt Whittaker loved it — so much so, he gave it a 5/5. He loved it so much that he even wrote an editorial on it. We’ll be reviewing the PC version, so if you’re curious about seeing how that stacks up to the console versions presently available.