Tetris Battle Fusion Released on the OUYA

Tetris is one of gaming’s most beloved games and the most revered puzzle franchise of all time. Now, it’s arrived on the OUYA with a multiplayer-focused version. Tetris Online have honored the franchise’s 30th anniversary with an OUYA console release for Tetris Battle: Fusion. This version of the game doesn’t just feature head to head battles against people, but you’re also now battling gravity as well.

Amulets have been added to the mix too, which change up the offensive and defensive capabilities of the playing field.  While the game being made by Tetris Online, this game is an offline-only affair focusing on couch-multiplayer. This means you can stare at your friend as you absolutely crush him – you can even do a dance in your living room’s endzone to really rub it in. It’s free-to-play with an in-app purchasing component for items.