EA Sports UFC’s Second Free Content Update Goes Live – Adds Three Fighters and Gameplay Tweaks

Last month, EA Sports UFC received a content update with three new fighters, and today, it gets another one. If you want to kick dudes to death, then the addition of Stipe Miocic to the heavyweight division is intriguing. Welterweight fans who enjoy  nasty grounded elbow strikes will love Matt Brown, and Mike Pyle can smash fighters to bits too.

Gameplay tweaks have been added such as kick catching, manual taunts by pressing left or right on the d-pad, and new escape and transition animations.  There’s a fairly substantial change with referee behavior as well where if you’re on the ground and don’t want to improve your position while blocking, you’ll lose – so you’ll definitely want to work on your ground transitions to prevent that. This content update has gone live on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For more on EA Sports UFC, check out our review, and to see the history of MMA in video games, check out our writeup.