NHL 15 Demo Goes Live on PSN and XBL

Although the recent talks of feature-loss have certainly dealt a blow to hardcore fans anxiously awaiting EA’s upcoming NHL title, they haven’t stopped some from still clamoring for a new hockey game all the same. While the dropping of promised features was met with deserving backlash, it’s hard to deny that NHL 15 is shaping up to be absolutely beautiful-looking. When we saw it back at E3, we were impressed with the developer’s attention to the smallest of details, but were especially enthralled with the silky smooth animations.

Despite the fact that NHL 15 is still a few weeks out, EA at least is giving us a taste of what’s to come with the release of its demo. Anyone with a current gen console — that’s PS4 and Xbox One, people; stop calling them “next-gen” consoles already — can head on over to PSN or XBL to get their skate on.