Splatoon Could Have Been A Mario Game

Since its reveal at E3, many people have noticed Splatoon’s similarities to Nintendo’s own Super Mario Sunshine. The games both feature liquid-based platforming, though Splatoon deals in ink while Sunshine works with water. In a recent interview with Edge, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that Mario was in fact considered for the game’s starring role. He explained:

There were heated debates over who the main player character should be. Whether it should be Mario, or a squid. When we talked about the possibility of it being Mario, of course we could think of the advantages: anybody would be willing to touch it as soon as we announced that we had the new Mario game. But at the same time, we had some worries. If it were Mario, we wouldn’t be able to create any new IP.

Only time will tell if Nintendo was right to market Splatoon as a new IP, but either way Miyamoto has provided a rare look into the thought process of Nintendo’s developers.