Dust: An Elysian Tail Makes Its Way To The PS4

While Dust: An Elysian Tail has already been out for the Xbox 360 for a while and the PC for a slightly shorter while, it had yet to make its way to a Sony platform. Fortunately, Sony fans won’t have much longer to wait as developer Humble Hearts posted over on the Playstation blog that the title would soon be making its way to the PS4. When, exactly? Well, according to the developer, “REALLY, REALLY SOON!” You can tell by the all caps that it shouldn’t be much longer of a wait. Currently the game will only be seeing a PS4 release, but when asked about the possibility of a handheld port the developer commented:

Thanks! While I’m only announcing PS4 right now, I love my Vita, and personally hope to have some good news sometime in the future.

The lack of caps is a bit concerning, but it looks like a Vita release at some point is a distinct possibility. The screenshots they have released so far for the game look incredible, so we will have to just sit back and wait until we get a confirmed release date.