Planetary Annihilation Launch Trailer Released

Uber entertainment has released a trailer for their new RTS, Planetary Annihilation.

Planetary Annihilation has one goal and that is to destroy everything. You control robots or as the trailer says “sentient war machines” who were left behind by ancestors who were in a time of turmoil and who’s only purpose were to annihilate everything.

Planetary Annihilation will feature single and multiplayer modes, spectate and broadcast, advanced command and control where you can seamlessly switch between planets, picture in picture so you can view other inhabited worlds, instant replay, and the ability to annihilate planets by smashing an asteroid into it.

Right now Planetary Annihilation is available via Steam Early Access for $29.99 and comes with the following exclusives:

  • Instant Access
  • Theta Commander- a “hulking and unique shell” which will only be available to those with early access or who preorder
  • Orchestral Soundtrack by Howard Mostrom and recorded by a live orchestra. (digital download)
  • Desktop Wallpaper of the official full release offered in multiple resolutions.
  • Digital Artbook of early concepts to renders.

Planetary Annihilation will officially release September 5 on PC, Mac, and Linux Systems.