PS3, PS4 and Vita Versions of Metal Slug 3 Coming Soon

Considering the number of platforms Metal Slug 3 has already appeared on, perhaps it is more newsworthy to state that somehow Metal Slug 3 hasn’t made its way to a modern Sony console yet. Fortunately, this is an issue that will soon be remedied as it was recently confirmed on the US PlayStation blog that Metal Slug 3 would be making an appearance on the Vita, PS3, and PS4 sometime this winter.

There are no concrete details on specific game features or the exact release date, but Sony has already promised more information will be made available in the coming months. While perhaps not the game that hardcore SNK enthusiasts were hoping for, Metal Slug 3 was the highlight of the series and this offers a good opportunity to pick the game up if you somehow missed one of its many other incarnations. Plus, you can now own it across three different Sony console generations if you are a particularly enthusiastic Metal Slug 3 fan.