September Games With Gold Games Revealed

Microsoft has released some fairly impressive games for free with the Games With Gold program, but September is looking like one of the best months yet. September 1 will see the inclusion of Super Time Force on the Xbox One with the extension of Crimson Dragon, while Xbox 360 owners will get Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine. The first batch of games runs through September 15, while September 16 will start the run Halo Reach on the Xbox 360.

Super Time Force got rave reviews upon release, with our own Matt Whittaker giving it a perfect scoreCrimson Dragon is hampered by its microtransaction system, but the core game is still a lot of fun, and well-worth playing if you grew up enjoying Space Harrier or Panzer Dragoon. Monaco is an overhead heist game that won’t be to everyone’s liking, but is worth trying out. Halo Reach is yet another Halo Games With Gold freebie, and gets folks into a Halo mood right before the launch of Halo’s Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One.