Xbox One September Console Update Now Available

If you go into your system settings and check for a console update, you can get the September Update a few days early. Major Nelson’s blog lets you know all of the new features. The media player allows you to play movies, music, and show pictures via either USB 2.0 or 3.0 drives. A party update allows the leader to kick people out now, and the SmartGlass app lets you record game clips. You can also boot straight to TV from the startup settings. The Upload feature lets you delete multiple clips – so if you’ve used 10 to create one good one, you can just keep the good one and nix the extra stuff.  Not every file format is supported, but later on this year, you will be able to view GIFs and MKVs via a thumb drive. For those with tight data caps from their ISPs, a new bandwidth monitor should at least help you keep track of things since it will show all bandwidth used up by your Xbox One for a given period.

A handy and darn-near dandy video from Major Nelson gives you a visual guide to what the update contains: