Dig In To The Cavern Kings Beta’s Sizeable Update And Future Plans

Two days ago, developer Vine released a sizeable update with extensive changes to the Cavern Kings, the adorable high-action roguelite that’s currently over 600% funded on Kickstarter.

This is in addition to a recently released dynamic lighting and camera system, heightening the claustrophobia and intensity of combat.

Backers of $10 or more have access to all the newest builds, and this most recent one added and tweaked quite a few things: in ARPG fashion, enemies now have a chance to spawn as buffed Elite versions of themselves. These Elite versions have a random additional trait, such as extra speed or a propensity to explode on death.

The horrific eye boss, The Observer, has had his AI and patterns tweaked a bit to make him more dangerous at lower health levels. Alongside this slew of new threats, powerups now are considerably less likely to be acquired en masse and are more costly to gain from chests… and crates have had their gem (the in-game currency) drops reduced.

All characters except for Jack have been unlocked: the katana-wielding Yoji, creepy-crawly Thorax and prehistoric Rex.

The next update will include even more enemy types, a new boss, further tweaked boss AI, random events, NPCs or shops, additional playable characters, new room sizes and types, graphic overhauls and more.

Check it out on Kickstarter.