Volition Unveils Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell – Coming 2015

Pax Prime kicked off with a bang, in the middle of today’s Volition Quiz Show & Panel, the developer of the very popular Saints Row franchise announced the latest chapter in the story, Saints Row:  Gat Out Of Hell.

This will be a stand-alone expansion, so you won’t need Saints Row IV to play it much in the same vein as Infamous: First Light.  It is due for release on January 27, 2015 for $19.95 on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Additionally, Saints Row IV will come out the same day on PS4 and XBox One for $30 purple presidential dollars.

The game will feature a staple of the series in two-player online co-op as you and a friend take Johnny Gat & Kinzie and are sucked into hell through a demonic Ouija board and have to fight Satan himself to get out of hell and keep the president (you in SRIV) from getting married to the devil’s daughter, Jezebel.  Hell will be approximately half the size of IV’s virtual Steelport, and in true Saints fashion, players will get to try out some new and unique weapons including “Arm Chairmageddon” a recliner with guns, the Energy Caster, a Locust Gun, and a weapon that fires a plague of frogs.

As HG’s resident biggest fan of the SR series, I for one cannot wait to get my hands on this, and will be looking forward to seeing more details on it as they come out.  In the meantime, here’s the official trailer: