Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to New 3DS

The announcement of the New 3DS today has left  some existing 3DS owners angry at the thought of an upgrade. Memories of the original DS being made obsolete with the DSi are a bit too fresh, and that did lock fans out of some top-notch games unless they upgraded. People could have in theory bought two versions of that hardware in a DS and DS Lite, and would still be unable to play DSiWare games. The New 3DS features such an increase in CPU power that some games simply can’t run on the 3DS.

Take Xenoblade Chronicles for example. Based on what we’ve seen in this trailer, there’s no way this could run as smoothly on the 3DS, and given how beloved it was on the Wii, this will be a viable reason for many people to upgrade their consoles. It’s funny that a latter-day Wii game that almost didn’t see a North American release would wind up helping Nintendo sell new hardware, but here we are. Nintendo’s got a chance to make the New 3DS sing and show off a technically-impressive game with 3D functionality in it for the first time.