Everybody Out Of The Pool: Adult Swim Games Come To Humble Weekly Bundle

This week’s Humble Bundle features a slew of Adult Swim games, from rhythmic bullet hells to surreal jazzy adventures.

Any donation unlocks:

Fist Puncher hearkens back to the golden era of gratuitously violent pixelated beat-em ups as players embody Dr. Karate or another member of the equally ridiculous Fist Puncher cast.

Soundodger+is a twitch-based game where players must “dodge the music.” Accompanied by a dirty dubstep soundtrack, it’s sure to exhilarate as much as frustrate.

Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe is a block color-matching game with a number of twists, most notably weaponry-laden heroes blowing said blocks to bits.

Paying above the average nets you:

Volgarr the Viking is an ultra-difficult arcade action game where players must endure unforgiving levels in their quest for ultimate glory.

If you haven’t quite yet heard of Super House of Dead Ninjas, you should re-evaluate your gaming news sources. Players must descend a randomly-generated tower and crush fearsome bosses,  pushing their skills and reflexes to the limit. With Steam Workshop content abound and a built-in speedrunning tool, it’s a must for platformer addicts.

Finally, Westerado: Double Barreled Movie Set Demo is a sneak peek at an upcoming Wild West open world mystery.

In addition to the above, DLC for Soundodger+,  Super House of Dead Ninjas and Fist Puncher are included at this pay tier.

$13 or more gets:

Ultra-funky and extra-bizarre comedy set in an alternate reality Cold War era, Jazzpunk thrusts players into a hilarious world rife with intrigue and hilarity. Don’t forget to pack your pigeon.

Super Comboman brings 2D fighting action and, as the name implies, combos to platformers. The fanny-pack wearing hero must use every skill at his disposal to smash through 16 nutty levels.

Pay over $30 for:

At this tier, buyers are granted a sticker pack, buttons, and (the real prize) a Robot Unicorn Attack bottle-opening keychain. Good luck keeping the ladies off of you with this must-have accessory.

And finally, drop $75 or more for:

Abandon all hope, Robot Unicorn fanatics. Your wallet is doomed to help charities. An ultra-dope tee and blacklight poster are tacked on to this already sizable pack, rounding out even the most sophisticated of nerd’s collection.

Buy it here.