Nintendo Give Fantasy Life a DLC-ectomy

Nintendo announced the other day that their new life simulator, Fantasy Life, was also getting day-1 DLC in the form of Origin Island.  The paid DLC expands the game with a brand-new area, more story, new pets, more powerful gear, and even more content to expand what’s looking to be a game of incredible size.  Somehow, though, Nintendo seems to have left out the bit where this content was included in the Japanese release.  Although that statement does come with a small disclaimer.

The version of Fantasy Life that’s coming out in the US is the updated re-release from Japan.  The original Fantasy Life didn’t have Origin Island, but the version of Fantasy Life being released in the US is Fantasy Life Link, which is where this content came from.  Fantasy Life Link is also the origin of the online play, so maybe we should be grateful that a game release in 2014 has online play included for free?  Somehow that doesn’t seem like an overly-entitled expectation.  Fantasy Life Link is the Japanese version of the US’s Fantasy Life, and Nintendo cut content from the game to sell as DLC.  Is it too late to take back my wish for Nintendo to stop acting like it’s 2005?

Thanks to Santar over at the NeoGAF board for explaining Origin Island’s history.