There Will Be Blood: Mysterious New Game Teased at Mighty No. 9 Panel?

During tonight’s Mighty No. 9 Panel at PAX, quite a few juicy tidbits about the game were announced, including the fact that the beta is launching tomorrow and what the online modes will be. The most cryptic announcement, however, came in the way of flyers handed out to attendees. Made to look like a gaming magazine circa the 1990s, when two flyers are put together, a faux-centerfold ad seems to advertise a new game.

The ad simply states “There Will Be Blood.” along with a cryptic symbol, seemingly nonsensical text and two images of hand-drawn art on CRT TVs.

The tiny text in the copyright area is satirical in nature and appears to state “This will likely take the dubious honor of most kick assss game that ever was. If you don’t jerk your head around the first time you play this game, you had better check your puldr. The [?] will surely only make you say “yeah that is going to be the game on the Ultra 64”

What this could be is a mystery. The art style and synopsis recall Castlevania, though, and didn’t Koji Igarashi just leave Konami…?

That or it’s a Paul Thomas Anderson film adaption.

Check out the full spread (thanks, Jose Otero!):

And a close-up of the left page: