Indle Gala Every Monday Bundle #23 Now Available – $2 Until September 2

Every Monday, an Indie Gala bundle launches and usually, they’re not all that noteworthy. Today’s bundle is worth noting that due to the inclusion of Jet Gunner. This NES-influenced action game just came out in early August and it’s now included in this $2 bundle – making the bundle worth buying just for this game alone. However, you also get Victim of Xen, Al Emmo, Gold Rush Classic, Spate, and Space Tank – which is currently on Greenlight. Everything else redeems on Steam though, so you can add even more stuff to your Steam collection to play when man one day discovers immortality. For the first 24 hours of the bundle, so until late Tuesday night, the bundle will only set you back $2 – after that, the price goes up. If you’ve got any interest in Jet Gunner, snag this deal now before it’s too late.