Ar nosurge Plus Trailer Is Dramatic And Sparkly

Originally released on the PlayStation 3, Ar nosurge — sequel to 2012’s Ciel nosurge — is a role-playing game developed by Gust (Atelier series). The game, which shares a lot in common with Gust’s multitude of samey RPGs, features minor exploration and a skill-based, time restricted battle system. If you’re confused, think Atelier Rorona with more glittery ass-kicking and less alchemy. If you’re still confused, you’re probably on the wrong side of the looking glass; consider following a different rabbit.

Ar nosurge Plus is the PlayStation Vita version, launching October 2, 2014. The enhanced remake supports the Vita’s touchscreen, and includes over 50 new events, additional costumes, a tutorial mode and every piece of DLC from the original PlayStation 3 version.

Check out the trailer below and let your eyes dance to the symphony of colorful sparkles and cutesy voices.