Harvest Moon, PoPoLoCrois Crossover Announced for 3DS

It would seem that this year’s Tokyo Game Show is starting early. With Sony already having revealed many of their titles prior to the actual expo (though they went on record today and stated they have even more to announce at the actual conference), it appears other companies are following suit. That certainly seems to be the case with the announced partnership between Harvest Moon and popular manga and game series, PoPoLoCrois, in an article from this week’s Famitsu.

PoPoLoCrois began as a manga series and then branched out to gaming; some of you may even remember the, well, underwhelming PSP title from several years back. Nevertheless, the franchise is teaming up with Harvest Moon to deliver a hybrid 3DS game. This amalgamation of two brands, entitled “PoPoLoCrois Farm Story”, will include characters from PoPoLoCrois in addition to an SRPG combat system, and will also feature the more traditional RPG and farming-sim elements of Harvest Moon. Interesting, eh?

While there hasn’t been much else revealed at this time, we do have a few scans of the game. So check them out below until more news drops.