Runers Hits Steam with a 25% Off Discount

Those looking for a game on Steam that will last them hundreds of hours might want to take a look at Runers. Although it seems like your typical top-down dungeon crawling roguelike, there’s a lot more to it.

Thanks to Runers’ heavy character customization, and procedurally-generated levels, players will get varied experiences each time. Here is the numerical breakdown on how much can be tweaked: 20 races and 20 classes to mix and match, 285 spells to craft, 50 level up traits, 15+ bosses, 200+ regular enemies, and 5 difficulties. Beyond that there’s also a challenge mode to hone your skills. Be warned there is no official gamepad support (but they’re looking into it).

During its first week on Steam Runers is available for $7.49. After that, it’ll go back up to $9.99. If you want the full game and soundtrack that can currently be had for $8.99 instead.