PayDay 2: Gage Assault Pack Parodies Battlefield

Battlefield: Hardline is a cop-and-robbers focused Battlefield game, and has garnered many comparisons to Overkill Software’s PayDay 2. Overkill Software has decided to take these comparisons in stride, and release a DLC pack parodying Battlefield’s intense, cinematic action.

The Gage Assault Pack is all about engaging the police in epic gunfights. The missions included in this DLC focus on assaulting, destruction, and defending with some powerful new toys. There are three brand new high-powered assault rifles that are perfect for assaulting officers from any range. There’s also a beautiful new grenade launcher to help take care of those pesky officers carrying riot shields.

PayDay 2: Gage Assault Pack launches September 4, and will only set you back $4.99. Also included in the DLC are four new masks, four materials, four patterns, and ten new achievements.