Ray’s The Dead Coming to PS Vita, with Cross-Buy

It’s been more than a year since Ragtag Studio, the developer behind the E3 2013-announced Playstation 4 title Ray’s The Dead, has made so much as an undead moan about its forthcoming title. Wanting to clear the air, they announced in conjunction with Sony that Ray’s The Dead is nearing completion, and it will be coming to Playstation Vita and the PS4 as a cross-buy title. Buy the game on one system, and you’ll have it for the other.

The kickstarter for the game has already passed its funding goal by $5,000, with more than two weeks left to go, after trying their hand at Kickstarter a year ago. The team is currently fine-tuning the story of its zombie action-adventure title. Ragtag Studio also unveiled the flashback system for the game, where the player will go back to a time when the main character, Ray, was not a zombie, which the team says is an integral part of the story, opting not just to be a regular zombie game. Check out the PS Vita Announcement trailer: