Review: The Sims 4

It didn’t take long for me to realize that The Sims 4, the game I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for since my Sims 3 playtime hours dipped into ignominious territory, wasn’t the sequel of my dreams. The hours I spent piecing together celebrity not-so-lookalikes with the help of the meatiest Create-A-Sim in series history, tackling various aspirations with my custom cuties, reaching career goals impossibly fast and… tending to a demonic shapeshifting baby were, for the most part, devoid of the enthusiastic drive that kept me glued to the screen since Maxis first made household management a joy.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. Let’s start with the good.

The new Build Mode mechanics are far less utilitarian than in previous entries in the series. There’s a familiar level of functionality, decorated with all the trimmings a house without a basement, pool and basic kitchen appliances can contain, conveniently streamlined and simplified for comfortable crafting. For example, entire rooms can be constructed without the hassle of meticulously slaving over menus of furniture options and decorative touches — allowing antsy players to jump into the core-experience quickly. It’s a system that, while limited by a grid and general lack of design variety, feels more flexible than ever.

The Create-A-Sim Mode, too, is a veritable hodgepodge of options — in both the appearance and personality department. Fat and depressed? Check. Slim and jolly? Check. Pretty and angry? Ugly and clever? Sexy and uncomfortable? Check, check and check. The Sims 4 provides a nice “think it, build it” model to its modus operandi, and with a wardrobe of possibilities (literally and metaphorically), there’s no need to delve into the Gallery — which allows you to dig through other peoples creations — until you’re truly drained of creative juices. Even without its predecessors elaborate color-wheel — or any suitable color options for that matter — there’s still a wellspring of choice in creating a virtual family (so long as you don’t want an obese, white-haired punk-rocker with varicolored outfits and an Anime-esque girlfriend).


Another impressive feature is the range of emotions your Sims are capable of producing. Coupled with multitasking, bar outings can turn into bizarre arguments, fist-fights and even inappropriately romantic exchanges without a moments notice.

Unfortunately, much of the simulation has been replaced with quirky scenarios and fluffy animations. Lodged somewhere between an inspirational conversation about sports and a binge drinking starlet with starry ambitions, The Sims 4 lost its pizzazz. My interest dwindled, and the color-by-number mechanics became as painfully obvious as the mobile-port-like neighborhoods on offer. It’s almost as though EA, in an effort to control the experience, intentionally limited player creativity, boxing every facet of The Sims’ systems into isolated, anomalous categories. You can visit a club, but you can’t walk across the street. You can throw a party, but you can’t mingle with your neighbors without the frustration of a loading screen. You can have a job, but instead of existing in a single universe, your player vanishes like a dime-store magician until the work day runs its course.

After all, what’s the point of being a world famous chef if you can’t boast your skills at the restaurant that keeps promoting you? While there’s a surface of potentially intriguing additions (as well as a multitude of strange exclusions, such as vehicles, multiple classic Sims traits, etc.), peeling through the games layers of tinpot mechanics and unpolished gameplay left a sour taste of disappointment lingering long after I walked away — and that’s without taking into consideration the company’s sacrificial offering of toddlers and pools for a stronger base experience (something that’s looking a lot like PR hogwash after sifting through the games various nooks and crannies).


Once bustling neighborhoods have been replaced by a series of empty lots, littered with enough distractions to deceive newcomers (and diehard, plumbob tattooed fanatics). For series fans, though, particularly those who’ve spent their share of time with The Sims 3, there simply isn’t enough to do in The Sims 4 to justify its price tag. And while certainly the shining examples of the bunch, the group interactions, multitasking and emotions don’t cut the mustard when the world, its inhabitants, locations and activities feel flat, pointless and boring.

The alarming lack of content doesn’t end with the Sims 3’s beloved — albeit sluggish — open world being replaced by a series of lots and loading screens, either. Although the options to utilize materials are rich and expansive, there’s a considerably smaller amount of toys to tinker with this time around. Exclusions range from item pattern variations to color-schemes, household contraptions to explorable neighborhoods. The Sims 4 is no doubt a leap backwards in the features department, often coming across as more of a framework for future DLC than any full-fledged entry in what is arguably one of EA’s most successful franchises.

Activities that shouldn’t be boring; things like aggressively flirting with your uninterested roommates, accidentally destroying pricey new appliances with subpar cooking skills, molding children into miniature versions of their unwed parents — things that definitely weren’t boring in previous entries — are, in fact, boring.

With claims of EA’s resource starvation at the foot of oversights and exclusions, one wonders why assets weren’t allocated differently. I don’t need to play chess in the park with a chatty stranger; I’d rather have more career and skill choices for my Sims to explore (or an interactive work location to fiddle with). And I don’t care about slightly lengthier loading times if it means a better camera and control scheme — another of a seemingly endless index of pesky issues. Sadly, all the intuitiveness, impressive features and emotional investments are eclipsed by the games lack of refinement. The Sims 4, while fun for a handful of hours, plays like a knockoff of its predecessor, garnished with just enough newness to maintain its facade.


I wish I could say that The Sims 4 redeems itself on a technical level, but that would make me a liar (and a bad one at that). The game runs well enough on my high-end laptop, but it has more bugs than Australia. Ok, that’s an overstatement, but characters can’t seem to perform simple tasks without walking into each other, walls, furniture, and invisible barriers trapped between space and time. I swear, my Sims had more pathing issues than those kids from The Blair Witch Project.

The fact is, video games shouldn’t feel like a crash course in digital entomology (I’ve been waiting years to make that horrible joke), and it’s unacceptable that roofs float like they’re possessed by the worlds dullest poltergeist, or that mouse-clicks stop registering long enough to trap an entire household of people in a bathroom without a working door (don’t ask). Bugs are to be expected in a game with so many spinning gears, and being a fan of Bethesda has taught me to forgive, but there’s a fine line between the hazards of modern games development and a blatant disregard for quality.

Being as I’m a fan of the series, owner of every entry since the first, and an accomplished musician, police chief, author and horny introvert across hundreds of Sims 3 hours, I could almost pardon The Sims 4’s faults and enjoy what it does offer: an interesting experiment in virtual emotions with a cavernously deep customization suite. The lack of story progression and classic series attributes wouldn’t have closed its books for me, either. Ultimately, it’s EA’s glaring greed that did the trick.

Mind you, we’re not talking about normal, human money-loving greed. We’re talking Mr. Krabs, penny-for-a-friendship greed. We’re talking Cater Pewterschmidt’s let-people-die-of-cancer-for-money greed. The type of greed that makes a company content with releasing a glorified freemium app with multiple expansions on the horizon that should have been part of the core-game. And that’s where The Sims 4 fails both its fans and the gaming industry as a whole: it’s a half-hearted experience wrapped in a neat and pretty package that beams a potential to both fulfill and crush your inner-Sims’ dreams.


Closing Comments:

Superficially, The Sims 4 is the upgrade everyone wanted. It’s prettier, rife with the possibilities only the fourth entry in a longstanding simulation series can provide. Upon closer inspection, however, the myriad of flaws become strikingly apparent, and hints of greatness are few and far in between the layers of mediocrity coating much of its repertoire. The lack of core-features, underutilization of the impressive emotions system, flawed customization and faulty… practically everything else, only emphasizes EA’s struggle to keep its promises. Sure, your Sims can look just like you and your friends with enough patient manipulation, but how many times can you visit the same assortment of empty lots, sift through the same catalogs of home-goods and watch as your Sims perform the same actions before boredom sets in? My suggestion: wait for the inevitable bombardment of expansions before diving in; at least then you’ll have something to do once the novelty of group interactions wears off.

Version Reviewed: PC

  • DamZe

    Lol! Now I see why EA was hesitant of giving review sites early copies, this reasonable review coupled with the abysmal rating that the gaming community has bestowed on this oversized DLC trap, good riddance!

    EA never disappoints.

  • Abdul

    Bravo for such an honest and thorough review — you hit the nail on everything you’ve said! The game we have here is clearly designed to be endlessly milked for every last drop of cash. Don’t be surprised if we end up getting twice the amount of DLC The Sims 3 offered. This EA in a nutshell — corporate greed at its very worst.

  • Guest

    Did you even play the game? Your credibility went right out the window when I realized you were just another typical EA hater.

    • Are you EA PR?

      • really

        I doubt it, but this reviewer is definitely not unbiased, and he complained about the sims 4 missing features that were NOT in the base game of sims 3 even, without patches, so teh reviewer seems like he isn’t a good reviewer.

        • Kaiyl_kariashi

          Except that EA’s greed is exactly WHY Sims 4 isn’t a polished and more improved continuation of Sims 3, like Sims 3 was a more polished and expanded version of Sims 2, etc to Sims 1. The only reason this piece of crap exists in it’s current state is because EA was building the game to be an always online social game like Simcity, but retooled it after backlash over Simcity back into a single player game, but all the features are still built around tiny scales and streamlined to minimize issues with net-code (hence why you must have a loading screen for every lot even though they could’ve easily had each neighborhood section connected in real time with negligible performance issues for a single loading screen per section).

          (on that note, expect one of the expansion packs to re-open the multiplayer components once they switch the server architecture over to a user-hosted model).

          • Meeps

            Hence why it got delayed from its original release date.

      • ImadethisaccountToComplain

        No the guests a regular person just like you/me. I also enjoy the sims 4 for what it is. This reviewer was unable to keep his opinions of the company out of his opinions of the game (unprofessional), and it seems he only played for like an hour before going off on his little rant, given his uninformed opinion. Also you can change the camera to sims 3 mode from the options menu.

        • So you best argument is that the author called greed for what it is. Well, what would you expect – when a company hires people who make a game like this one, why should they show a better hand with their marketing bots.

        • Loli Summoner

          I completely agree.
          You would think that a reviewer would at least play the game for about week or so before making final judgement and he is sooo not hiding his hate for EA,but I respect his opinion.
          Also, I too think he’s barely played because if he actually did,he would know that you can change the camera to the sims 3 camera and wouldn’t have added that LOL.

          • Hey!

            I don’t feel that being able to switch to another camera mode somehow fixes the first ones issues.

            I appreciate your comment!

          • Loli Summoner

            I’m sorry. I’m not a professional reviewer or anything but I think 10 hours of gameplay is WAY too short to write a review.
            Regardless if you like the game or not I think you should see everything the game has to offer. When I read “Good” reviewers reviews of games they usually always say they played a max of 40 or so hours and did bouse/new game+ or w/e.

          • In most cases, I agree completely. Take my review of Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited for example. I spent around 100 hours before finalizing my thoughts. I simply didn’t feel comfortable otherwise.

            The Sims 4 is a different affair, though. All the content available in game is accessible within the first handful of hours, which I played far past. Essentially, the only reason to wait would be to experiment with different character scenarios (which is something I touch on in the review), playstyles and career paths (things carried over from previous entries).

            The beauty of this industry is all the different opinions and approaches it breeds. I was satisfied with the many hours I played. Please just consider my review when making a purchase — as I did my best to exemplify the games faults.

          • DamZe

            10 hours seems waaay too much for this shallow game, which basically runs out of content after the 4 hour mark. The reviewer has my sympathy!

          • Loli Summoner

            Its pretty obvious you don’t like the game and I really didn’t want to reply but,4 hours? I know you’re joking but I’ve played the game for 10 hours straight when it first released up until now and I still haven’t seen all the content.

            My 5 sims haven’t even reached the 10th career yet nor reached lv10 on any skills yet. And even after I’m done with my sims skills and such,I still have the achievements to unlock.
            I don’t know how you play sims but I play sims very hardcore and I find joy in completing my sims wishes and longtime wishes,building their skills and finishing the achievements.

          • DamZe

            So indeed you confirmed it. A shamelessly hollow experience based on doing the exact same
            thing over and over again until you reach some kind of “progression”. 4 hours’ worth of actual content, which you can certainly stretch out as much as you want, but it is still 4 hours’ worth of content nonetheless.

          • Loli Summoner

            “Doing the exact same thing over and over” Like all sims base games? Also it really depends on “playstyle”.
            Please tell me,how did sims 3 based game have things that didn’t have you doing the same thing?(other than pointless things like swimming…) Get a job,make friends,go to work etc, sure the world was bigger but lets be honest…did you REALLY explore the city? I doubt it, I really do.So if you put it that way, sims 3 base game was just as “shallow” Also I should add, sims 3 based game was a VERY buggy game.

          • DamZe

            Your damage control of this game amuses me. The plethora of features missing from the base Sims 3 game reduced the Sims 4 to something comparable to a facebook game. Nothing can save this DLC sink, other than more DLC. I can just see it, “Stories Expansion”, now sims you don’t control actually live simulated lives, they get married, break up have children, this new feature (cough was standard in Sims 3) can be yours for only 39.99! Give me a break, I have seen games made by on person have more content than the Sims 4.

          • Loli Summoner

            And your band wagon hate of the game amuses me, anyways, I’m done with this little argument.

          • Leisa Byley Pate

            Honestly people, he is so right….it does not take much game play to see it can get boring really quick lol, for sure this is a game that does not need 40 hours of game play to be able to review it. You can do it all in a few hours and if anyone can tell me different…wait prove it….then I would love to hear from you because maybe I truly missed something…k…..missed a whole lot of things. 😉 I’m a huge Sims fan and have every game and expansion since Sims 1,2 & 3 came out, every mod, custom content etc…. EA claims Sims 4 is not a continuation of the Sims 1, 2 & 3 series, it’s a standalone game, with that being said..It should have still been out of this world but…….It so lacks……………EVERYTHING. The personality traits, emotions, multitasking and a few other small cool features are really interesting and a great add.. and let me see………………………………………….that’s pretty much it. When Sims 1 was released, I played and played and had hours of interesting things, never had time to get bored…Same with Sims 2 & 3…..Sims 4, you start playing, you read, socialize, maybe run down to the “bar” or “gym” or “bookstore”…maybe even the “park”….don’t forget you have to pee every few minutes, better be close to a bathroom, come home, read socialize, maybe meet someone, get married and have a creepy baby….get a job just to disappear and show back up just to read, socialize…..pee……etc…..and do it all over again……this is a “Fact”….All I can say is maybe with the upcoming expansions, it will be far more interesting and hours of fun game-play……..end of discussion on my part and don’t forget to each their own, this is only my opinion 🙂

          • Loli Summoner

            I respect your opinion.

            “you start playing, you read, socialize, maybe run down to the “bar” or “gym” or “bookstore”…maybe even the “park”….don’t forget you have to pee every few minutes, better be close to a bathroom, come home, read socialize, maybe meet someone, get married and have a creepy baby….get a job just to disappear and show back up just to read, socialize…..pee……etc…..and do it all over again”
            How is this different from any other sims base game? Oh on sims 3 you drive to work and “disappear in a rabbit hole”. Also just because you agree with him doesn’t make him “right”

          • Leisa Byley Pate

            The thing to me again this is just my opinion that I’m sharing with you guys is with Sims 3 I could jog down to the neighbors house…walk to the store…run across the whole town….loved loved loved this about The Sims 3 could go on and on…… comes The Sims 4 and you can jog in this little area of your block…even to go see a neighbor you have to wait while it loads. Even till this very day with Back to Work (which was purdy awesome) it still gets boring after a few hours of game play…and as far as agreeing with him…I still stand behind him because he was and still is right! I was not exaggerating about my custom content lol…had thousands of custom content & mods in my Sims 3 game. Right now I have only 1.749 in My Sims 4 Mod folder. 🙂

          • Leisa Byley Pate

            Oh yeah and my game was never slow, if it was ever buggy…I just removed the mod or cc that was causing it and kept on playing and enjoyed every minute of it for hours and hours 🙂

          • Meeps

            Well I know this is old as life its self but at least you didn’t get bored within a day worth of playing for the 3. I know everyone has their own experience and opinion but bashing either 3 or 4 would be just pointless. They each have their own shine to them, while personally I thought 3 was much more interesting in story making wise I say 4 is perfect for builders, sim makers, and anyone who enjoyed 2 but wanted a more polished look. I played the 4 when they had a demo for 24hrs and ill be honest I played it for 5 of those hrs and got bored. It wasn’t the loading or even toddlers it was just I don’t know how to express I felt it was missing something I believed it should’ve had to make it better than all the Sims before it. I still play it to this day but ever so often I don’t stay up for hours to play it or have a marathon where I play it for months and only it. I only experienced that feeling with 2 and 3. Maybe once the expansion packs come out and go on sale maybe just maybe I can get that feeling for it like 2 and 3 have in time past.

      • ImadethisaccountToComplain

        evidence 1: “Ultimately, it’s EA’s glaring greed that did the trick”

        so he literally shaved off like a star because he hates ea. Come on.

        • ThalliumKB

          I haven’t played the game but from all I’ve read and keeping in mind all the obvious bias from both EA haters and Sims fanatics, it all seems to come down to this: Sims4 is a good game, but you don’t pay 60 bucks for a game that is just “good”. For this price you could have an excellent game.
          Instead you’ll end up waiting for 20 dollars packs and totaling over 100 bucks to end up with a very good game after several months.
          Or you could wait for a ‘sale’ sims4+packs at 60 in a few months and end up with exactly the same result ; which is probably what I’ll do.

          • LogicLee90

            That’s exactly it.

        • DamZe

          It doesn’t take a genious to see just how lazy this game was put together, with minimal feautures, gutted and ready for the DLC train. The reviewer is completely right in his analysis of the situation.

    • 1234

      Did you read the review? He said CAS, build mode and emotions were ok. And that’s the only selling points this game has.
      What else were you expecting? Appraisal for going back to 100 loading screens?

    • Yeah, since a company that managed to be voted the worst in the US twice in a row really deserves more credit.

      • Kaiyl_kariashi

        3rd times a charm

    • RandomAnybody

      I have been finding a hard reason to like EA, while I had issues with them, I wasn’t so much of an EA hater but in recent years I would also have a difficult time attempting to write anything about them without sounding like one.

  • Greg

    What an interesting read! Unfortunately, the final screenshot is from The Sims 3.

    • Gallery mix up! Thank you!

    • ScreenshotDetective

      I made a post about the fact that all of the screenshots in this article are old and easily found via google search, but now it’s missing for some reason.

      The CAS image at the top is from a pre-Alpha preview of the game, which looks different than the release version.

      I don’t understand why you’d review a game and then use really old promo shots instead of your own screenshots you took while playing?

      • Guest

        As a rule of thumb, we use HQ assets for reviews. Sadly, none were provided by EA. We’re rectifying the issue now. Thank you for your comment!

      • I would be more concerned with what the review discusses than what pictures they used…I could care less about the old promo photos when the review lambastes one of the most beloved video game franchises as being boring, flat, and uninspired.

    • Goresh

      Probably couldn’t stand to play the game long enough to get a good one in 4.

  • Chocho en lata

    The hate campaign against EA starts to bore me to death… Could we change the victim, please?

    • Sean Hixon

      Victim? Are you kidding me? They still have not learned anything, who cares if you’re bored, we’re still sick of EA turning our favourite franchises into cash cows for their own monetary gain!

      • ImNotImportant

        How have they turned the Sims into a cash cow, exactly? What about the game, that’s been out for all of 2 days and has zero DLC and zero MTX, is trying to take your hard earned money? How much time have you actually spent playing Sims 4? I’m guessing it’s about as much as the reviewer….none. So you just go around reading other peoples rants about a game they haven’t played instead of playing it for yourself, and you regurgitate it back up in comments acting like you know what you’re talking about. It’s the blind leading the blind. Absolutely ridiculous.

        • Kaiyl_kariashi

          It also has zero content, which you WILL be shelling out money to add some actual substance to this shallow shell of a game.

        • RandomAnybody

          You must be very new to The Sims franchise, many people here did not just fall off the turnip truck, they know to expect expansions and now DLC, it’s become a part of The Sims.

          Of course, it could be that they just really missed the boat and put together a game that is just terribly unfinished and there is no hope…
          They rushed the unfinished game to the finish line depending on DLC to appease the bored mobs of players before they jump ship
          They planned on a very base model devoid of any fulfilling gaming experience so they can sell people the very items that were previously had in the base games because money!

          Any of these scenarios wreak of greed and not just typical “company needs to make money” greed but “we can milk the players more because they will pay for it” greed. Only way out of it at this point is if the company does something nice and releases some DLC ASAP and to do it for free! (they even did that with Sims 3) It would go a long way, maybe with a note like “we listened to your input and decided to give you these things for download” well, something like that.

        • Sean Hixon

          “How much time have you actually spent playing Sims 4? I’m guessing it’s about as much as the reviewer….none”
          None? Really? Don’t try to exaggerate your perspective on someone else’s time. You’re going to look like an idiot if you do that.
          I’ve spent enough time to realise how much of a bare bones game it is compared to even The Sims 2 release ten years ago. I even notice the little details they’ve left out not just the glaringly obvious ones like Todlers, pools, CASt, open world.
          Sure they’ve added stuff in that is really cool… but I just don’t think it’s worth 89 missing features!

      • Chocho en lata

        “OUR” franchises. That´s the problem with “hardcore” gamers today, thinking that the games belong to you. Not anymore. You are a small minority.

        • Yoyoken

          Please remember that the small minority you’re saying is the reason why EA has Sims 4. If not for us, this game won’t even have a second generation.

    • KillerHurtz

      EA is a victim now?!?!

  • Manny Being Manny

    Complaining about a lack of features compared to a game with 20 expansion packs is getting quite tiring. I’d say if you compare this package to the 400+ dollars you’d have to pay for a full Sims 3 experience, you’re getting a better deal.

    • LogicLee90

      I don’t know that a game should rely on expansions to be good. It’s true that there are new, interesting features (noted above in the review), but the core-game is missing key features that made Sims 3 the step up from Sims 2 that it was. Even if they were added later through patches or expansions.

      I respect your opinion, but I don’t feel the core experience was as good as it should have been for a $60 release. EA is clearly aware of the fans willing to improve the game through DLC. I just wanted to express my concerns about the practice with potential buyers.

    • Sean Hixon

      This base game is missing 89 features that the other 3 base games had standard, some of which will never be able to be written within the game since the engine doesn’t allow it.
      EA loves gullible people like you…

      • ImNotImportant

        What are these 89 features? And what will never be able to be written in the engine? You make bold claims but can you actually back them up with facts?

        • Guest
          • hima09

            WWE did the Same when iits new game was released, but still maintains CORE options that never change from Smackdown vs Raw 2005 till WWE 2K14
            EA on the other hand….removes some simple core options that made The Sims2 & 3 one of the best of this franchise & depends on DLCs…..wat else do u want soe we could prove that the SIMS became a Cash Cow??

        • Sean Hixon

          Are you thick? For one they can’t put CASt back into the game, they can’t put in an open world or world editing and they can’t remove loading screens. There’s a number of things that can’t be fixed with a simple patch or expansion pack. I’m not too sure about a few features like terrain tools and the height of teenagers. This game is unfinished, rushed and simply reeks of EA’s money hungry attitude of the past few years. I mean Sims 3 had a bad base game but not this bad.

          This is just SimCity (2013) all over again, except this time it’s about missing features in a full priced game not about online only dumbed down game. Don’t even get me started on SimCity (2013).

      • Arellano

        And you never mention the 36 that no other Sims game has that are only in the Sims 4. and of all the 89, some of those features are superficial and can be added, unlike the 36 cannot be added to the previous games unless you overhaul their engines

    • Chris

      They said that about Sims 3 when it came out as well buddy…unfortunately Sims 2 will be the last good thing EA did for that franchise and will continue to remain that way.

    • Kaiyl_kariashi

      No complaining about a lack of features compared to VANILLA SIMS 1 (no patches/extra content), or if you want to be unfair, vanilla Sims 2, which blows it away. Or hell, Vanilla Sims 3 which at least until they started adding patches that broken crap left and right, it ran perfectly and had more content.

    • RandomAnybody

      It is hard to go back to a base game after playing a game that did have a lot of added content, yes, but imagine going back to a base game and then removing previous base game content that we have come to love and expect.

      This is what The Sims 4 did.

      To add to this, I do not remember being overly bored with The Sims 3 very quickly, while I am more of a builder, with the ability to customize houses and landscapes like one could in Sims 3, I was hardly bored and easily lost hours just creating. Sims 4 streamlined a lot of that which is good but it took out so much!

      A new Sims game should not have to remove so many past features just to add a few new ones.

    • Justin Graziano

      How much did EA pay you to write this babble?

    • tash712

      I just played Sims 4 for 2 hours before my sim was stuck on the floor. Once I fixed that, it took only 30 minutes more to get bored of the game. Sims 4 is prettier to look at, and it does not take much to run in most computers, but its better for a beginner than a long time fan hooked on Sims 3 base game, which I had no problem returning to play, and been playing since the release date of the new game. Yup did not spend 400 on expansions, and not planning to buy any future sims expansions either.

  • Gloriam

    Not defending EA’s practices, but at the very least the Sims 4 runs well, and for that reason alone, it beats the Sims 3 even with all it’s expansion, because you can actually play the game.
    Now we can only hope that the expansions and future mods will give this decent base game some good new content it definitely needs.

    • Oh, so you can run it on your windows-98-toaster -well that changes everything. I guess next time we’ll get an empty box that you don’t even have to install – but it runs so much better than the Sims 4!

      • Gloriam

        So my I7 860 and Nvidia 770 running on Windows 8 qualify as ‘windows-98-toaster’?

        Sure, go ahead and think that. The simple fact is of the matter is that the Sims 3 ran like crap from the get-go and had so many bugs that only got worse as expansions went on.

        The Sims 4 on the other hand runs smoothly, I approve of that.

        That said I don’t approve of them releasing the same game and same expansions each 3-5 years.

        • Vodkapls

          If you cant run sims 3 with that system then it has something to do with your system or something installed on it.

          • Gloriam

            Nothing is wrong with my computer, it’s just that every Sims 3 expansion introduced more bugs than features that crawled the game to a halt, not just normal slowdowns which it had plenty of, but freezes that simply stopped the animations because a sim got stuck somewhere in the world that I had no control over.

          • Vodkapls

            I only have 4 expansions on s3 and it runs perfectly smooth on my computer which is much slower than yours.

            Maybe you might want to compare s4 against s3 with less expansion installed, even with 4 expansion I still have much more things to do in s3 than in s4.

          • Gloriam

            Which expansions do you have?

          • Vodkapls

            Ambitions,generations,late night and high end.

          • Gloriam

            Those were actually the good ones, while I believe some of them introduced some bugs they weren’t major and were fixed in future patches.

            World Adventures, france didn’t work at all, never did, never fixed. 1/3 of the expansion non-functional.

            Island Paradise, none playable because of the freezing issues, best map yet, but sims got suck more than often, even mods trying to prevent this couldn’t keep up with it.

          • Darrell

            I am sorry, but to say World Adventures France didn’t work, never did … well, it did on my computer. Does to this day, too. Sweeping generalizations like that do nothing to advance your cause. And one of the routing bugs that froze the game turned out to be easily fixable with a little bit of research.
            I will agree wholeheartedly that the Sims 3 by its end had a lot of frustrating bugs and glitches, but for me, it is still playable. And I would rather play with Sims 3 that has stuff to do, and put up with the glitches, then to play Sims 4, which sacrificed many core features and customization and is boring. I should not have to wait for expansion packs and DLC to get an enjoyable Sims experience. It should be waiting for me in the base game and this time around, it clearly isn’t. EA/Maxis has failed this time around.

          • Eunyce Saunders

            Same here, no problem with WA.Just got boring.

          • Keri

            which is actually a worst point you are telling someone that if they wanna play sims 3 play with less expansion packs because the game will crash

          • Vodkapls

            I m saying compare what is comparable. There is much more happening in game in sims 3 + expansion than basic sims 4.

          • Arellano

            You either are lying through your teeth or are completely in denial because the sims 3 has some gawd awful problems especially with the memory leaks it still causes.

          • Vodkapls

            Or you are just insecure because you just discovered that the world doesn’t revolve around you and your experience with the game might not reflect the experience of someone else?
            And here is a screenshot of my origin library if you really need that to believe people arent lying.

          • Arellano

            I’m just calling facts, there are whole forums about the memory leak problems as well as long load times and a plethora of glitches in the Sims 3. I don’t know anyone that has had a full “smooth” experience with the sims 3 and I honestly don’t need proof that you own them. I do however think you’ve run into the glitches and problems and are just ignoring them and really? Insecure, in what way am I showing such. Sounds like you’re insecure because you feel the need to resort to such comments. lol

          • Vodkapls

            Such comments? I remember being the one getting insulted first.

            Anyway what does long load time or running into some glitch that dont affect game performance has to do with the game running smooth or not ?

          • Eunyce Saunders

            Again, there are many people that have NO probem with the sims 3 game. My biggest upset is the stripped bare sims 4 game. $70-$80 for what???

          • Arellano

            For what you say? that’s all up to who ever buys the game some like it some don’t… all I hear from you is “WOT” some justification you seem to need to tell me your whole life story I’m not interested in. You’re no tech from Maxis or EA and you’re running on speculation and ranting to justify your choice. take it someplace else. I never was justifying or talking about sim4 I simply stated the fact of sims 3 so you can take your WOT of discontent to someone that really cares.

          • Eunyce Saunders

            Yes, I said for what. You don’t want to hear my story, don’t read my post.I need no justification in anything I say, I have a right to voice my opinion as anyone else here does. You included. This post has three kinds of people here, those who like the game and have no problem, those that don’t and those that are neutral. Are you a tech from Maxis or EA, and it seems that you are the one ranting. Your facts on Sims 3 are yours and your opinion. So,you don’t like what I have to say, you take it some place else. I’m here like everybody else, to read a review and voice my opinion. You are sounding like a silly little child. Did you get mad because I took up for somebody other than you? Get over it. You accuse someone of lying because you want to be right and everyone around you be wrong.

          • Eunyce Saunders

            I don’t believe she is lying. There are many players that have NO problem at all with the game and all its ep and sp’s as well as store content. I have all but 2 ep packs, several 3rd party mods and over 2,000 3rd party custom content items. I can provide a screenshot if you think I’m lying. I have had major issues with Pet’s and glitches and although everything else works in Into the future, my time traveler never shows up, These are familiar glitches that EA just never bothered to fix. My computer is barely 5 months old and it was purchased with the intent of being able to handle both sims 3 and sims4. The only problem I have with sims 3 is the loading screen. It takes about 6-8 minutes before I get into the game, but that is due to all the custom content I have installed. Once in the game, I play for hours with little to no lag, although it would run faster if only equipped with EA content, but that’s not for sure either. What I’m saying is, why assume someone is lying because they say they have no problems. There are many people that have NO problem handling the sims 3 game. Proof positive is I own and operate a sims 3 forum. I have some people that come to my forum asking for help with their game and some that have no problems at all. Yes…they are bragging, but why not? 🙂 If you go onto the sims 3 forum you will see many that say they have no problems playing the game with many ep and sp packs. Many have mods as well as 3rd party custom content and experience no problems. My problems with sims 3 don’t make me want to give it up entirely. I still have enjoyable gameplay.EA plans to milk its fans dry when they took so much out of the game. Sims 4 was designed originally to be an online game, but with so many problems they incurred and customer/fan outrage over the mess they made with sim city, they had no choice but to scrap it and try to fix it up into the game it is now. It’s so obvious when you play the game and see what its original design was meant to be. (look this up if you don’t believe me)

          • Justin Graziano

            I have an i5 with a crappy $50 Radeon 6450 and it runs the sims 3 with all expansions just fine on medium settings.

          • Christina Chornomud

            my sims 3 plus every expansion ran fine…

          • I love this line. “EA did such a p….poor job on programming the Sims 3 that you should really buy their new game”. Just don’t mind the screenshots of demon-babys that replicate in your inventory.

        • Ya Bish

          The point that these people are trying to make is that we understand that the sims 4 runs smoothly and that you are happy with that but the reason why is runs so smoothly is because it’s a load of crap and doesn’t require all that much of your computer to run smoothly. On the other hand the sims 3 has alot more going on, therefor it requires more under the hood. Give me the emotions and sim details and merge that with the sims 3 and we all would be very happy.

          • Eunyce Saunders

            Agree!! Key word being ‘merged’ not taken away. Sims 4 could have been a MONSTER of game, in a good way, but they failed seriously!

        • Christina Chornomud

          I had zero problems running Sims 3 from beginning expansion to end…not sure what you guys are referring to. I also pretty much never had any glitches. Maybe an occasional small glitch nothing irritating. Also, my load time on SIMS 3 was fine. SIms 4 obviously runs extremely fast on my computer. I can’t complain about those things

    • Kaiyl_kariashi

      It runs well because there’s nothing to run, it’s an empty shell for adding 30-50 dollar DLC packs on top of. Sims 3 1.0 runs flawlessly on any computer, but interestingly, patching it causes it to devolving into a glitchy unplayable mess because their “fixing it” broke the game, which is required before you can start adding expansion packs, which make the issue even worse for some of the more intensive ones.

      • neo_aa

        This is a good point- EA ruined that game over time.

        • What I noticed with patches through the time is that the world was getting less alive and boring because the AI was getting dumber like, people wasn’t getting married, making babies as it was, the families and sims’ relationships was getting less dynamic, less active· When I bought the base game, I made sims visit parks and places and there always was something happening, and even after when I built a new good gamer PC, the places got much more dead and boring, so I noticed it wasn’t my PC’s fault·

    • neo_aa

      Dude, you are spot on. I have played Sims 3 on about four different computers (including very new ones that destroy the system requirements) and it runs like garbage every time. Exactly like you said, I’m thrilled that Sims 4 runs well. The same computer which runs Sims 3 poorly on conservative settings runs Sims 4 on ultra settings extremely smoothly. I’m sorry but we can’t all have top 1% hardware specifications.

      • Keri

        I apologize that i cant afford a 1000$ gaming computer to play a game that will initially costed me 60$ for the base plus 30 for each expansion pack. People are complaining over stuff like the graphics, lack of dishwasher, lack of pools, lack of toddlers, lack of places and activities to go. but yall have to remember this is the basegame! it has all the places sims 3 base game had minor the clubs and lounges. complaining over minor stuff after barley playing the game. ya’ll havent played long enough to really know the game. it runs and i dont have to worry about crashing no more

        • No need to apologize, I can’t afford a $1000+ gaming computer either! As I mentioned above, the ultra expensive gaming computer is a myth, built for bragging rights than actually utilizing all that power for gaming. Most of the time computers like that don’t even use half of what’s available for gaming. With the right components you can get a pretty good rig for about $500, Read my reply above for why on a technical level The Sims 4 is dragging the series backwards. We all expect the base game to be lighter on content than the previous games, with their huge library of expansion packs, but from what I’ve been gathering it’s a serious deficiency in content. I mean no dishwashers? An entire life state removed? No swimming pools and cars? The Sims had more content and that was almost 15 years ago. People haven’t played long enough because I don’t think there’s enough in the game to keep them playing. It sounds like they spent all their development money on goofy walking animations than actual gameplay content. And if the new metric for a good game is one that doesn’t crash then the industry and it’s consumers should be very worried.

        • Eunyce Saunders

          Wow, you truly have no idea. They took out way more than you have mentioned and as far as we haven’t played the game long enough to really know it is crap. How long does it take to play a game that is empty? I’ve been a long time sims fan, basically 13 years, since sims 1 and this game is barely sims 1.5. Just the fact that you mentioned even a corner of what is missing say’s ton’s about what most of the complaints are about. This game should have cost maybe $25.00 tops because it is stripped bare. That may have been more honesty with it’s fans and players and the thought of all the ep and sp’s to come might have seemed more reasonable.Some of the things they removed can’t even be replaced at a later ep pack. I’ve played not only the pc version of sims but console, game boy and Wii as well as the tablet version of sims freeplay. This is the worst sims version they have ever released in my opinion.

      • The problems with The Sims 3 smacks of poor optimization, not anything to do with the users hardware exactly. I would say about halfway through the life of The Sims 3, EA and Maxis started to get lazy with developing fixes and patches that actually did anything and became more focused on pushing garbage content and aggressively promoting purchases from the store. From what I’ve been reading of The Sims 4 they got even LAZIER and, instead of creating for high end machines and then giving options for scaling down on older machines, they just made a 32 bit program. I mean, at this point most computer owners probably have at least Windows 7, more than 4GB or RAM, and at LEAST a 1GB GPU. It’s a game based around VERY old technology and that’s frankly pathetic. If they wrote good code it would scale fine among a range of machine setups. But relying on what we had available when Windows XP was released is a lame excuse, My gaming computer cost me 800 dollars and crushes anything I throw at it, it’s a myth you have to spend 3000 bucks on a gaming rig. Those kinds of computers are for bragging rights and looks more than anything The PR crap EA is throwing around is just to keep people from realizing just how lax they got in developing this game. In terms of technology alone it’s a major step BACKWARDS; there’s nothing next gen about a game that’s a 32 bit executable and doesn’t even attempt to use “today’s” technology.

        • neo_aa

          But what are you saying you’re losing exactly? Is having a brief load time between neighborhoods so terrible?

          • Obi Alfred

            It’s between standalone buildings too and gets longer and longer as you progress.

        • Arellano

          I don’t think they were lazy. If you look at the user base for the sims a good majority of these people don’t know the difference between an Intel HD Graphics family card to a GTX 650 and will try to play the game not realizing they’ve got a low end machine. I think it wasn’t laziness I see it as that they kinda knew that the people that the majority of people that play the sims have low end computers.

          • Obi Alfred

            Sounds like they should have just made this a free to play mobile game.

          • Well, I’ll agree that maybe I wasn’t exactly keeping in mind the demographic of Sims players. But I still am not enamored with how this game appears to have turned out on a technical level. It’s pretty and it works so there I won’t complain, but opening up the hood is like finding out the Lamborghini you just spent two-hundred thousand dollars on has a 4 cylinder Toyota engine. Pretty on the outside, but certainly not worth the price. Maybe Sims players don’t have moderate computers because they spent half their budget on all the extra crap stuffed into The Sims 3? 🙂 Sorry, that was too snarky. Demographic aside, I think Maxis/EA should have gone down a different road, but what’s done is done. I’ll wait until it’s 20 bucks for a used copy like I did with SimCity (and the wait wasn’t long, trust me) before giving this game a go.

    • RandomAnybody

      The base game for Sims 3 ran quite well for me as well though the first addition to the game caused some problems (which they never fixed btw) but it seems to me a lot of people are comparing how the Sims 3 with all it’s additional content and extra designs/textures added by players runs against the Sims 4 with, well… very little. We don’t even know what will happen once things start getting added, not to mention that the Sims 4 isn’t running smoothly for everyone.

    • Goresh

      If you strip out all the content, any game will run well, if you can overcome the boredom long enough to play it.

      As I recall, the base Sims 3 played fairly fluidly even with an open world.

    • Eunyce Saunders

      Do you think it will continue to ‘run well’ once you have added on the ep packs and other content? It won’t, it will be slow and the loading screen will be endless. I’ve experienced several glitches already and 2 game crashes. My computer is barely 5 months old and purchased with the intent on being able to handle the Sims3 as well as the Sims4 games. Routing issues are still there. They constantly stop doing a command like clean. They will pick up dishes around the table only to lay the pile back down on the table and the command disappearing. I’ve had the fork stuck to the hand glitch and the wrench stuck as well. Endless peeing, eating and sleeping. Like mentioned, it’s stripped butt naked and leaves hardly anything to do. You can only go to the park so many times until you are bored senseless. I took one family to the park and lost track of the game because it became so boring. I drifted off and started watching a movie on television and simply forgot the game was still up and running. I’ve never been so bored in my life playing a game! And no, I did not buy the game, I did not get it via torrent either. A friend let me play her game so I could honestly give an opinion on actual gameplay and not just from what I was seeing on various websites and forums. I played around in CAS and did find it interesting, different but became boring after a while. You can only make so many sims and the clothes are unimpressive. Don’t get me started on the play dough hair. What in the world were they thinking with those lashes and why take out the color wheel and sliders?! There are times when I’ve been in the game and a certain look or action will remind me of sims 2. They are so cartoony looking and lack the realism that was being bought into sims 3. I usually create sims just for the purpose of sharing them yet I honestly don’t feel comfortable doing this with sims 4. I’ve already seen sims that are looking so similar to others simply because of the restrictions. I will continue on with sims 3 until I finally bore with it. I’ve been playing the sims since the original and to see it go so far backwards is depressing. And EA should be ashamed of themselves for asking such an exorbitant price for such an empty vessel of a game. I own and operate a sims 3 fan forum and I’m considered to be a creator. (Sims) With so much time and money I’ve put into the sims franchise I clearly expected to have my breath taken upon the arrival of sims 4. It was taken alright…just in disbelief and disappointment.

  • Dave

    As someone who actually HAS played the game for several hours, it doesn’t seem like the reviewer played the game. He doesn’t touch on any of the ACTUAL problems that exist in the game (the bothersome tutorials pop-ups) and instead spends half the article repeating the same anti-EA circlejerk talking points. He apparently couldn’t even be bothered to take his own screenshots, not to mention the original screenshots in the article aren’t even from the final version of the game, one is from The Sims 3 and one isn’t even official Sims 4 content (the author has now replaced them with more EA marketing shots). His complaints aren’t even consistent, he praises the customization at the beginning of the article, then goes on to complain about it in his conclusion. His critique boils down to “EA is evil”, the game is missing core features (what features?), and that interactions are “boring” with no explanation. Also, as someone who has recently lost a family member to cancer, comparing releasing a game that doesn’t have all the exact same features as the previous version to “letting people die of cancer” is a pretty disgusting analogy.

    This is an anti-EA hatchet job, plain and simple.

    • Hey Dave,

      You’re entitled to your opinion (as is everyone!), and I apologize for your loss, but the cancer “analogy” refers to an episode of Family Guy in which a character greedily chooses money over distributing the cure for cancer. I wasn’t trying to make any comparisons.

      Also, I didn’t mind the tutorial popups. And honestly, that’s what I love most about this industry. Two people can find completely different faults (or surprises) in the same game. I was far more perplexed by the lack of basic household appliances, vehicles, utilization of group interactivity and more. I assure you, I’m not only a fan of EA’s products, I was hoping Sims 4 would blow me away. I simply don’t feel comfortable recommending a product that relies so heavily on future content patches and DLC. Thus, I feel my review of the game and EA’s practices was fair. It’s alright to disagree with me — I love sharing and reading different opinions.

      While the customization is great (a huge improvement over past entries), it’s lacking in options available in the core Sims 3 game. Simple things like patterns, color variation, and styles scar an otherwise impressive system. Those are the faults I’m referring to in the closing comments.

      Lastly, screenshots are generally provided by the company to ensure consistency in quality — something EA has neglected to do. We’re rectifying the issue.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

      • dan a

        Thanks for the review. My wife loves the sims but it has turned out to be a rather expensive hobby. What I picked up from the review is basically The Sims 4 is nothing more than a place holder for future DLC, whilst at the same time removing some of the core mechanics of the vanilla Sims 3 in order to sell you them at a later date.
        As for people claiming that the review is tainted by bias against EA, it is almost impossible to do a review where you KNOW that the experience has been watered down purely in favour of selling ‘addons’ down the line. It goes hand in hand in the game industry these days and reviewers have a duty to point it out when such blatant attempts at cash grabbing are in practise.

        Once upon a time the games industry was about creating new and innovative ideas, now it all about the bottom dollar (pound) and how much they can milk an IP. Sad but true and if the reviewer calls them out on it then why is the review any less credible for doing so?.
        This is a company who illegally paid youtubers to show BF4 in a positive light.
        This is a company who have been voted worst in America for two or three years straight? (I know it is at least two).
        This is a company who flat out LIED to their customers with regards to the persistent online requirements of Sim City.

        And if after all that you think that the reviewer was harsh or biased, then why not visit Metacritic where things seem to be turning really nasty.

        • Kaiyl_kariashi

          Not just Sims 3, they removed core features from Sims 1 and Sims 2. If you want a summary of this game. It’s an empty piece of garbage, that superficially, resembles Sims 2, has a very very dumbed down trait system similar to Sims 3, replaced moodlets with “moods” removed a huge amount of options from the house construction while adding a couple minor ones back in.

          Basically…this game is vanilla Sims 2 (not counting all the DLC), with a new paint job and slightly improved ai, and about 1/3 the features overall. I highly recommend Sims 2 Collection if you don’t already have it, since it was basically the last time the Sims was actually a solid experience.

          Sims 3 started out ok (1.0 only), but once they started adding patches it broke the game, and the expansion packs just broke it further on top of that to the point you had to use mods just to keep it playable after a couple hours.

    • Meeps

      Seriously would you have read an entire review book on why Sims 4 was lacking? I highly doubt it not everything needs every single detail to be true or not, well game wise that is people would have just strolled through it anyway and then the misunderstandings gah! That’s a real war I tell ya.

  • David

    Unfortunately poor quality releases seems to have become a standard for EA over the past few years. I’m feeling happy I didn’t spend the money on this. I’ll just play on with The Sims 3 and maybe spend the money I would on 4 on some more DLC.

  • DeiVias

    Coming from someone who has spent thousands of hours in the Sims over the years the Sims 4 as it stands now is garbage.

    Anyone saying otherwise is in total denial.

    I’m sure it will improve once you shell out $200+ in DLC and expansions though.

    • Luke Seymour

      An expansion pack won’t bring back the open world… 🙁

  • ballstank

    I pirated this game and honestly.. I obliterated it off my pc. Free or not it doesnt matter. Friends dont let friends install this ‘game’

    • Mirrorsky

      I wish I had pirated it before buying, would have deleted it also and saved the money spent. 🙁

      • Clint Pearson

        You can get a refund from EA within 24 hours of launching the game!

  • Amy Edwards

    EA missing respect for its customers is the biggest trick. I wish they would act like Rockstar which only release the game when , as truly players, they are completely satisfied. That’s what I call respect, the game is expensive but it’s finished. You can have a lot of fun even without any DLC. And that’s the way it should be.

    • Justin Graziano

      I wish Rockstar would buy EA and remake all their games. I can only imagine how good TS5 would be if it were made by Rockstar.

      • Alister

        ^That’s the best thing I’ve read all day.

      • Obi Alfred

        Would take 5 decades.

        • Justin Graziano

          Nah, maybe a extra year.

      • PsychoChick966

        Oh my friggin’ blob, YES! 😀

  • helay

    Absolutely bullshit that it does not support an apple system. so sad :'(

    • Amy Edwards

      well you don’t lose much!

  • DrGorilla

    “Activities that shouldn’t be boring; things like aggressively flirting with your uninterested roommates, accidentally destroying pricey new appliances with subpar cooking skills, molding children into miniature versions of their unwed parents – things that definitely weren’t boring in previous entries — are, in fact, boring.”

    And were boring in Sims 3 as well.

    • Meeps

      Weeellll I could go over to one of my sims ex’s house and blow up his/hers lawn gnome with the Sims3 Ambitions but I find the base game for 3 was good enough to play for hours on end where as I had to buy an expansion pack maybe a few days after playing 4 for a little while but to each their own. Just sad to see all the butt hurt in here over which Sims was better. 🙁 No lie I still prefer 2 and 3 over 4 but I’m not saying 4 doesn’t have potential with future packs, its too bad that EA neglects its fan base for the money but after SimCity flopped could you blame them? Yeah.. I still would lol. Reminds my of Activitson when they brought out Destiny (shudders) >.<

  • Stefano Cecconi

    When the first Mass Effect came out there were EA haters, now if you don’t like EA you’re just being honest. Anybody else is a fanboy, now i fear the future of Battlefront 3…oh man…

  • Olivia

    “I swear, my Sims had more pathing issues than those kids from The Blair Witch Project.” that made me giggle big time.

  • vinci89

    This reviewer is spot on! I haven’t played sims 3 since three years. So I picked it up hoping the deficiencies wouldn’t be striking. But boy was I wrong! Got bored in 3 hours. You can literally experience everything in that time. I don’t see y anyone would go back to this when a spate of exciting games are coming this October. Ink surely gonna delete it to make space

    • Keri

      yeah well i bought mine through origin they told me i could get a refund if i wanted but its probably a time limit

    • sociala9133

      Yes, you have 24 hours from first opening the game or one week of having it installed to return it, whichever comes first.

  • wowgivemeabreak

    I can only hope anyone who actually wants to play this game shows some restraint and principle and does not buy it…or they just go and download it for free if you really want to waste your time with this pathetic effort. Don’t reward EA Maxis for such a piss poor game that is clearly designed to try and milk you for every last cent.

    I was looking forward to this game but after reading of the dozens of things they took out I will just stick with Sims 3. Makes no sense to go give EA 50-60 of my dollars for digitally kicking me in the crotch.

  • Keri

    Sims4 is not THAT BAD. In all retrospect they fixed the major problem that sims 3 had which was the constant crashing, sticking, freezing and lagging. now i bought the sims 3 when it fist came out and i couldnt play it because of my computer so i bought a new computer and eventually still had the problem of freezing a crashing. now a freshman in college i bought a new computer a stronger one so i could play my sims 3 and guess what still freezes and lags less crashes and i had every expansion pack except pets installed and when i put pets on there thats when all hell really broke loose. face that facts sims 3 was and is still a great game. but if your a true sims fan u have to at least appreciate the fact that you CAN ACTUALLY PLAY the game now. im for one happy there are alot of things about the game that are quirky but they will be fixed and they might not even charge you for toddlers or pools they might come in the form of a game update like basements in sims 3 did. im just saying yall should take more time with it alot of yall are ditching it after one hour in a day. I played that game all day. one i ad fun and two i was supporting feedback for my friends. ya’ll just made the game sound like they serverly limited it you guys to one place like the sims for xbox. the mutated babies freaked me out yes but new games have glitches, i noticed that we didnt have dishwashers oh well nothing to fret over, and as far as having nothing to do. oh you have plently to do try having a kid and them going to school getting good grades isnt even as easy as the sims 3 its more to it, like promotions at a job now. there are alot of neat things like when your sims go to work your baby is sent to day care, the fact that u can breast feed or bottle feed, take a pregnancy test. there are two sets of cooking skills for you to learn so you have more food choices. the upgrades to stuff are endless with the mechanic skill, building is so much easier, the bill system makes . remember in sims 3 u had more money then u knew what to do with. thats fine build a big enough house on sims 4 and bills will handle the rest the fact that our utilities get cut off one by one. minor stuff but u have to respect the fact that as a BASE GAME. this is as good as it gets. least its not crashing on me. im not a fan of sims 3 or 2 im a fan of The Sims. i think yall expected way to much for a base game. especially when the system that sims 4 itsself runs on is COMPLETELY new. i mean emotions now? first day my sim died because he was mortified over a rejected engagement…i mean he literally died i had to plead the grim reaper. emotions..

  • urrrborrr

    Just a reasonable statement: shouldn’t SOME of the previous add-ons come installed-already for vanilla Sims 4, IF ONLY to make way for new ideas? Like say “pets”? I’m not big on anti-EA rah-rah stuff, but it’s kind of ridiculous. The design-philosophy was proactive dedication to non-inclusion of content. Sims 3 at least had the new open world to combat accusations of sheer laziness.

  • mark steele

    and EA wonders why people pirate. When it’s this obvious that there will be hundreds or even thousands of dollars in DLC, most reasonable people WOULD pirate rather than pay for “sims 4: basement DLC”.

  • Petra Marquis

    So I am sitting here waiting for my copy of Sims 4 to download and thought I would have a look at what others are saying about the game that I excitedly just purchased. Most of the reviews I have read are either just overly positive or downright negative, it was nice to read one that offered both the negatives and the positives of the game.

    I am still hopeful that once the download FINALLY finishes (in Australia, we have excruciatingly slow internet – its coming down at an avg 600 kb/s!) that there is enough positives in there to justify my purchase…… Swimming pools might have looked nice but to be honest – I never really used them 🙂

    • Snug-in-a-rug

      I agree I never really used pools so I know what your on about and Australia’s internet is very slow it took me forever to download my game!
      there are lots of positives but the camera controls really bought the game down for me but I must ay I cant wait until I get expansion packs or a colour changing tool as the game lacks many things and colours

      • Petra Marquis

        In regards to the camera apparently in the options section you can change it to be similar to Sims 3, something I read earlier 🙂

        Just found the camera thing:

        “…..there are two different camera modes, one of which is more similar to the way it worked in The Sims 3. What this means in practice is that, in the Sims 3 mode, you can adjust the camera angle freely by moving the mouse around while holding down the middle button. The switch is available in the game’s options menu, but you can also swap back-and-forth instantaneously by pressing control + shift +tab. This is very useful when you’re working in build mode, where a great degree of precision is often required”

        The colour changing tool is something I will miss too – I used to spend more time designing and building things than actually playing!

        About an hour to go now – at 73%…… 😛

      • Rehia

        Yeah I hope you know you’re not getting a color changing tool.

      • Eunyce Saunders

        CASt will NOT be returning. The game is made so that it’s impossible to add it later. Toddlers may (though not likely due to the height restrictions in sims4) be added later as well as I will assume pools. These most likely will be ep packs sadly. These things are things that should have never been removed. To name a tiny few. From my understanding, heights will not be adjusted by EA, game modders ‘MIGHT’ be able to at some later date, but that is far away. Sims 4 gave us 3 heights, 2 if you leave out babies which are no more than a piece of interactive furniture. You have baby, child and teen through elder as the only heights available in sims 4. EA put this game out with the intention of game modders to fix a lot of things they left out. I have seen many reviews and quotes from guru’s as well as the actual game developers and they constantly mention relying on the sims modders to add much more to the game.

  • Sarah

    Wonderful review. This is the perfect summary of how unimpressive The Sims 4 is and why I feel so underwhelmed. I regret preordering… But we all know what they say about hindsight.
    I continue to play everyday hoping my experiences will improve but they are repetitive and boring.
    I hope EA feels shameful for failing their fans and giving into greed.

  • Frozen Willow

    You are spot on. Bought this today, as prob guessed I live in the UK, hence bought today. Ok came across a glitch, nothing major. Being able to move a plate that my sim had left down to the sink was great, however my sim was in the shower, then he seems to have teleported outside. I’m missing being able to stalk my sims, that was a feature I loved about the sims 3. Also create a style, for sims or for furniture is lacking somewhat in this game. In the sims 3 I could create many styles for furniture, clothes, change the fabric, the colours of the fabric, the possibilities were endless. I’m missing my colour pallette, Not wanting this only allowed so many colours for said item selected. I’ve only had a couple of hours on it, and it seems very sims pets playstation or my sims ds when going from place to place, which I don’t like.

  • Sherry Weimer

    Somewhere between the announcement of a new Sims game, and the long-awaited release of the Sims 4, my interest began to wan over the Sims 3. It had become too complicated and– yes–too weird as well. After all, one does get weary of meandering neighborhood zombies and portals to the future popping up in your carefully-planned gardens and destroying the veggies, to name a few examples. The first day that I played the Sims 4, I loved it. It felt so, well, fresh and new. My Sims were much more human-like, and they enchanted me. That was day one. On day two, I became frustrated with the tiny, almost empty, worlds and missed the vast expanse and openness of Sunset Valley. After two hours, I came to the realization that I was truly bored-yes-bored! I exited the game and haven’t played since. I realize that I no longer want to play either the Sims 3 or the Sims 4. This saddens me, and I feel like I have lost a very dear, old friend.

  • Patience Magby

    Great review! Do be hones, I don’t play Sims games as much as everyone else. I just enjoy making the families and then playing with them. I found Sims 4 to be good enough to play. I can see myself getting the expansion packs too. I may not be a real hardcore gamer, but I enjoy it with the good and bad.

  • tash712

    I agree entirely as well. It felt even below Sims 1 because of the audacity of the greed. As much as I’ve been a loyal fan with previous series, I am not going to spend a penny nor a thought on any of the expansions

  • I really like this game, but wish it had more activities. I also wish the events weren’t so buggy. My wedding was ruined.

    • Meeps

      Same was mine and don’t get me started on having a baby! So glad they put the work expansion in was actually happy to have that weird machine slice, dice, and probe my sim to get that baby out before next week. xD

  • Mitch Brown

    I’ll pass. I’m still having lots of fun with The Sims 3 and it has A LOT more features than this does.

  • Tasha C

    SLOW CLAP… Brava! I couldn’t have said it better! I found myself nodding my head to EVERYTHING you said! Thank you for writing such an excellent review. My two cents: And THEN to add insult to injury, I just read that EA pixilated the pirated versions of the game! Perhaps they should have used that same effort in the actual game to make it a tad bit better. I WILL NOT be buying it! I WILL NOT be pirating it either. SCREW them. They can have this crap. YES I am angry. I’m angry and a little hurt because I, like so many other sims fans, have been with this game from Sims 1. I, like so many sims fans, have bought EVERY expansion pack that came with them. Despite the bugs, despite the crashes, despite the lagging, and despite the obvious greed, I bought it every time. I, like so many fans have, invested at least a grand into this franchise and in return they give us a bare boned, sloppily put together piece of game, and they expect us to buy MORE!? And no I’m not talking about the removal of toddlers and pools. I was annoyed by that, but its nothing compared to the way they’ve gutted the game, and nothing compared to the bugs and issues we fans still have to face after investing in the game for so long and expecting it to get BETTER! It appears some things have gotten worse, while others have stayed the same! THIS is a slap in the face! After I’ve given them my time, my money, and my loyalty as a fan, it feels as though they’ve given me the finger. Well RIGHT BACK AT YOU EA! I’M DONE!

  • Daniels Dorothie

    Absolutely agreeing with everything on this post. Been with the Sims since day 1 and this is a disappointment. I want my 59.99 + tax back and I’ll happily go back to my Sims 3 because one of my households there has a very profitable wine business and many many other acquired skills. There are too many limitations in 4. Like others here have said- I don’t feel like shelling out another $200 to get to the same level I was at in 3 just for slightly better graphics. The folks at EA/Origin forget that their clientele are aging and deciding better ways to spend their $$$.

    • Jake Robert Carter

      If you bought it on Origin, you could have refunded it within 24 hours.

  • Donnie Graff

    I completely agree with this review. I am most likely not going to buy the sims 4. Aside from the pools and and open world not being there they also took out the firemen and as far as i Know a lot of important NPC’s the previous sims have had. Create a Sim in my option is the only best part about this game. Anything else is total crap. EA has really let down the long time sim fans.

  • Nienke

    I never really liked the Sims 3 although I’ve been a fan of sims 1 and 2 for as long as I can remember. I kind of like the loading screens being back since I hated the open world and I also like the fact that they just go to work without you having to do anything at work. To me this feels closer to the Sims 2 experience but better and that was actually what I was looking for in Sims 3, but never got. So even though there are apparently a lot of people not happy with this game, don’t forget there are also people out there who are

  • Christina Chornomud

    I have had no errors. Although I am honestly the most disappointed I’ve ever been with a SIMS game (fan since Sims 1) I know they will not let us down. I can see the huge possibilities bustling just beneath the surface. A few expansions from now, this game is going to be awesome! I can’t wait!!!

    • Jake Robert Carter

      You shouldn’t have to buy expansions though. After what they promised and didn’t deliver. Free patches would be a fairer deal.

  • Jack Schwend

    I’m wondering if they are going to remain silent on this,like they have in the past. I hate making remarks and suggestions on that site to plugged ears.

  • Jamie

    It does feel like the game was designed before Sims 3 by people who loved Sims 2 but hated Sims 3. It feels very limited, nowhere near as free as they bragged. To go from Sims 3 where you had an entire town you could move around and modify (add houses, lots, shops, clubs, parks etc.) in an almost unlimited number this feels like a huge step backwards. You have 2 towns with around 10 houses. The town is split up into areas and you can’t leave that area without having to go to map view, click the area you want and then wait for that area to load. This is not a small step back this is a giant leap in the wrong direction. When you consider the scale of the Sims 3 and compare Sims 4 with all the new and a lot more advanced tech out there, I would be embarrassed to be working for EA right now as this was such a huge mistake. Seriously, when you think of scale of games like GTA 5, Watchdogs Skyrim etc. this is actually pathetic.
    On the good side the way the Sims themselves interact is well done, you can tell they have tried to make that better but there are still limits. For example on create a Sim (which is very well done) you can only choose 3 traits for your Sim. Why? Sims 3 you had the choice of 5 and there were a lot more traits, even from the base model not including the add ons. They were saying about how unique you can make your Sims but the limited traits that you can have and the limited traits there are really reduces what you can do. Yes you can make them look unique and it is quite fun to quickly and easily manipulate parts of their body but there are still so many limits. Clothes for example, no where near enough. I know it’s a game designed for add ons and updates but seriously there are such a small variety of clothes that after creating 10 Sims they will start to look the same. And the style as well has been limited. In the Sims 3 you chose a shirt, t-shirt, vest etc. that you liked the look of and you could then change its style. You had loads of different patterns to choose from (and I mean loads) and then you had an entire colour wheel to choose a colour you wanted. In the Sims 4 you are lucky if an item of clothing has more that 4 colour options. Pre determined by EA. You want a guy Sim to wear a pink shirt with a green tie? No can do as EA didn’t think you would want this style and so didn’t make it. Can I change the colours and patterns myself like the game before? No you cant because they seem to have taken individuality out of this game. They say you can create what you want, how you want, in the way You want. There are so many restrictions that it feel like it’s more like EA are saying “you are free to design as we tell you”. And the build mode is exactly the same. Whilst easy to use it’s so limited in youre creativity. It does have a few nice features and it’s easy to navigate but in the 5 years since the Sims 3 this is a very small step forward.
    We are now 2014 not far off 2015. Technology has come a long way and when you see games like Skyrim, Watchdogs, GTA 5 etc. you can see how well these game developers have adapted new technology and graphics to create huge worlds with such intimate detail. Seriously, when Skyrim came out in 2011 it felt like the gamers had placed and animated each blade of grass, the effects on Watchdogs are so well done that you can almost see individual strands of hair moving on the main character (in game not on movie clips), hell even the footballers on FIFA are looking pretty damn good now. So why with all this amazing tech do our Sims still look like badly animated cartoons? I mean there is no hair movement which makes it look like everyone is wearing Lego hair. They could have done so much with the movement of clothes and interaction between items but it just looks really rigid and very lacking in fluidity. I added a TV to my first Sims house and it was, honestly, a black square. Not a black square that had texture, patterns, details to look like a TV, no, this was a black cube that had a black square on it where the screen was. That was it. I was shocked at the lack of detail on it and the lack of detail on everything. Everything looks square and almost like EA are limiting themselves to the standard boxy pixels. Everything looks really unrealistic which for a game that is meant to simulate real life in a computer age where things are beginning to look convincingly real, CGI wise, this was one of the biggest disappointments so far.
    All in all the game is limited, makes you feel a lack of control and creativity, the graphics and details are appalling, the tiny size and lack of freedom of the town is so bad I don’t think the English language has words to describe how terrible that is. When you consider the leap between The Sims 2 and Sims 3 this is such a huge step backwards. If it had gone from Sims 2 to Sims 4 then 3 you would agree it was going forwards but the Sims 4 is only a small step up from the Sims 2 and a huge step back from Sims 3. All in all a very disappointing game that had such a huge amount of potential and hasn’t delivered on anything.

  • Sami Hautamäki

    Hnn, this game really is just core for milking. I wouldn’t be suprised if EA adds section to real money shop where you can buy in game money at bulk to get all the instant shower, bladder, etc potions.

  • Matt Whittaker

    As opposed to the honest review here?

  • TamiBabi

    I’ll tell you one thing, I couldn’t agree more with this review. Everything I’ve already been thinking about with the Sims 4 has been stated right here. Sims 4 is far too much money for what feels like a polished version of Sims 2. Honestly Sims 4 is so boring and so buggy that I feel like I have been completely robbed of my money along with dignity. Just spend one day on this game and you will be feeling what Lee Cooper felt; disappointment and boredom.

  • Amanda

    This is definitely not worth a $60 dollar price tag. There is not $60 dollars worth of content, despite their claims to ship this with the most content of any Sims base game.

    I’m still enjoying the game for the most part, but I really do feel this should have been $30 dollars cheaper. -_-

    • Meeps

      Should’ve waited lol it went on sale a butt load of times on Origin all the way to 50% off.

  • saris1

    I can’t for the life of me understand why they eliminated the open world. Players love the open world and the real gripe was ‘rabbit holes.’ When will Sim’s players be able to play at work! That would have been awesome and don’t tell me that it could not be done, Sims 3 ambitions already had interactive occupations!

  • Volleymom


  • Karen

    The Sims 4 compared to the other Sims is plan crap big waste of my money and time. What were you thinking EA ?

  • Sweetie

    Success in this world is why EA is a rich corporation and I have $1000 in my bank account. I could make games that are far better but I have no career and the chances of me getting into the position of being able to do something worthwhile is about nil. But, the corporate bloodsuckers with their DLC trash… they always win, don’t they?

  • Jessica

    I’m currently in the process of seeking/begging for a refund for this game. Don’t waste your time and money.

  • Brian Blair

    Games are starting to become either very dumbed down or very politically correct, And sometimes it’s both. The Sims 4 is just dumbed down. All EA did was use the same engine from the Sims 2/3 and then threw this monstrosity together, Then released it with the attitude of like it or don’t like, we could care less. Much like the destruction of Sim City. Honestly I think you were kind to give it 2 out of 5. This game does not even qualify a low score.

    • Meeps

      Actually they used the engine for the Sims 3 from the console version. Sly yet cost effective.