Europe Wins Special Edition Raffle, Gets Exclusive Bayonetta 2 Goodies

Sometimes it’s hard being a Nintendo fan in North America. Japan’s Club Nintendo gets all the best tchotchkes, and now Europe is getting a pretty nifty special edition that won’t be seeing it’s way stateside. Announced alongside a slew of other information today, it was confirmed that Europe would be seeing a First Print Edition for the upcoming Bayonetta 2. Why isn’t North America receiving a similar edition? Because Nintendo of America loves the taste of our collective tears.

The First Print Edition is packaged together in a special box made to look like the Hierarchy of Laguna and includes physical editions of both Bayonetta 2 and the Wii U version of Bayonetta. Additionally, it is packaged with an art book showing off the beautiful illustrations featured in the game. No word yet on the price of this version, but Nintendo confirmed that only 15,300 copies of this version would be manufactured. None of which will be sold in America. Want to send us a couple, Europe?