Medieval Shmup Gryphon Knight Epic’s Kickstarter Succeeds

You know what’s missing from your spaceship, energy beam and alien mecha-laden shoot ’em ups? Crossbows, pirates, gryphons and knights, all delivered in an epic fashion. Conveniently, Brazilian indie developers Cyber Rhino Studios’ Gryphon Knight Epic just got 110% funded on Kickstarter and is going to be coming to PC possibly as early as April 2015.

Players will ride atop a gryphon as Sir Oliver, a dragon-conquering, kingdom-saving butt-kicker of the highest order. However, it appears that all of his former allies have suddenly turned against him. With something so obviously wrong going on in the kingdom, it’ll be up to him to find and exterminate the cause of this craziness. An arsenal of arcane arrows and magic missiles will be Sir Oliver’s weapons of choice.


Flying through eight different levels (which are nonlinear, amazingly) and affronting a slew of enemies of all types – from treants to what appear to be flying metroids – players will have to use every ounce of skill in their twitchy fingers to survive and progress. Bosses will either come in the form of duels against former allies, or against gigantic opponents that will flood the screen with bullets.

Gryphon Knight Epic’s Greenlight campaign needs your vote to be approved for distribution on the Steam platform. Check it out today!