Nyko Releases PS4 Intercooler

Nyko has announced today that they’ve released an intercooler for the PS4. It was initially announced as part of Nyko’s Modular line of products at E3 this year.

The wireless extension is designed to improve the ambient temperature of the console by dramatically increasing the rate hot air leaves the PS4.

Some features of the Nyko Intercooler for PS4 include:

  • Built with three fans, multiplying the PS4’s existing cooling capabilities.
  • Powered by the PS4’s power cord. No cables, dongles, or other extension needed.
  • Seamlessly attaches to the back of the PS4 to pull excess heat from the console.
  • Utilizes Nyko’s patented Power Pass-Through technology to automatically turn on and off with the PS4.

The Intercooler is available here for $24.99. There isn’t word yet as to whether this will void your warranty on the console, but you can assume it does like it did on the PS3 and Xbox 360.