Styx: Master of Shadows ‘Assassin’s Green’ Gameplay Trailer Released

Cyanide Studios have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title, Styx: Master of Shadows. This is the first of a series of gameplay trailers the studio will be releasing over the coming weeks until the game’s release.

The trailer shows Styx maneuvering through two different levels using the environment coupled with his skills to assassinate enemies. Styx: Master of Shadows plans to greatly reward players with skill by allowing them to swing “organically” from level to level avoiding enemies. While equipped with only a dagger and a few throwing knives Styx is greatly dependent upon his nimble athleticism and level manipulation. Cyanide Studios¬†will be sure to offer players with a litany of options when it comes to killing their prey.

Styx: Maser of Shadows will be downloadable on PS4, Xbox One and PC come this October.