Japan To Get A Monster Hunter 4G 3DS LL, Monster Hunters Worldwide Salivate

We really have been downers with our “not coming to America” Nintendo news lately, huh? This week in gaming exclusives to make you salivate at the mouth and curse the cruel, cruel gods of region exclusivity, we have the Monster Hunter 4G edition of the New Nintendo 3DS LL. The 3DS LL for people not in the know is the bigger version of the new, improved Nintendo 3DS that comes with the extra analog stick that games like the Monster Hunter series oh so desperately need.

The edition comes bundled with Monster Hunter 4G and an exclusive 3DS LL variant that just looks really pretty. It will be coming to Japan October 11 with no word as of yet if Europe or North America will be receiving a similar package. Now would be the time to send all your “pretty pretty please”-es to Nintendo.