See How Destiny Plays on PS Vita Via Remote Play

Sony, Bungie, and Activision have been showing off a number of PlayStation exclusive content coming to Destiny. On Wednesday we got a sneak peek at the multiplayer map Exodus Blue, and yesterday we got a look at Strike Force mission Dust Palace. Today we get a look at how Destiny will play on PS Vita via Remote Play.

Sony’s Sid Shuman takes us through a short demo. Bungie has worked hard on the control scheme, making sure every action feels right on the PS Vita. For example, throwing grenades is mapped to the left side of the touchscreen, and melee to the right. There are no virtual buttons, just tap anywhere on the screen and see your actions play out. Remote Play is only available on PS4.

Destiny on PlayStation comes with a large amount of exclusive content, including Exodus Blue, Dust Palace, gear, and weapons. You’ll get to experience this all when Destiny launches on September 9.